Iowa (and other states) laws propose to video monitor public education

I don’t think being monitored 100% of the time is the point. It’s really just a technological version of Jeremy Bentham’s panopticon and people will never know when or if they’re even being monitored. The mere existence of the cameras will change the behavior of teachers, and possibly students, which is the desired effect. i.e. It’s about social control.

I look forward to the result


And hive mind thinking. None of this individualism, that’s bad.

I hope you’ll consider asking them if you can post here some of their thoughts. I would be very interested in them.

Carefully blinded for privacy, obviously.

Some kids, knowing they’re on camera, would act up even more.

I started a thread about a comparable topic a few months ago.

How’s that work? If all 38,000 teachers go on strike they…what empty the schools of teachers? Pack the jails with teachers?

They’d probably lose their jobs and have to pay sizable fines.

This is one of the few Tom Green clips that is SFW.

But that’s the thing, right? So they’d basically just cancel public schooling? And if the teachers agree to not pay the fines as part of the death pact, then what? They all go to jail? Is there that much room in Iowa jails? And isn’t there a law somewhere saying Iowa has to provide public schooling to all K-12 kiddles? Seems like whomever is in charge of making that happen would be in deep doodoo.

In a perfect world, that happens. And then the parents create an unignorable clamor for school vouchers (another right wing fetish), so rather than providing free education, everyone gets a check to spend at a private school. Meanwhile all these unemployed teachers set up a few thousand private schools (tuition = the amount of your voucher) where the Right Wingers have even LESS influence, and the next thing you know…scholars everywhere! Maybe.

Have you been to a school board meeting? The people who do are a pretty small community, and they do know eachother. PTA members and such.

If you are a new face, they will come up and want to get to know you, who your kids are, what age and school they go to, and so forth.

Prepare to hear from some upset parents, quite possibly via your principal.

Could go either way in this town. We shall see. But parents and students alike were warned at the start of the year that I was going to yank their chains on occasion, and that they shouldn’t construe any essay or discussion topic as reflecting my personal beliefs, or those of the district.

Not the board meeting, just the community meetings about the bond proposals the district was trotting out.

I mean, I knew SOME of the people there, but the district has nearly 40k students, so there were a lot of people who I didn’t know, and I imagine that it would be easy enough to show up if you weren’t a parent, and not have anyone question you.

Maybe not. It’s all “Freedom for me, not for thee!” People who can insist on the freedom of parents to have the ability to let their kids infect objecting other people’s kids probably aren’t going to blink when told that their freedom to watch the classroom overrides anybody else’s freedom to not be watched.

Me too.

I don’t know to what extent you can legitimately publicize them.

Yeah, board meetings are usually quite a bit smaller, unless there is something controversial going on.

That’s not differing from a small district, that’s a huge district. Ohio only has one larger, and only a few of close to the same size. The district I was at had around 20k students, it comes in in the top 10 in the state.

So, not exactly small.

And at most of the meetings I went to, there were a couple dozen at most, usually less.

It was worse when I was supporting a friend running for school board, and I went to a meeting that I wasn’t in the district of. People thought that I shouldn’t even be allowed to be there.

I see teachers publicizing the work of their students all the time. Lots of memes are made of 3rd grade answers to things, and stuff like that.
Obviously, names and personal identifiers would need to be redacted, and I would probably ask permission, even though that may not be necessary, it would still be respectful.

I wouldn’t be sure that the goal is to actually pass these laws. It could just be pushing something they know won’t happen so that the parents have it as more proof that the public schools are against them.

Rather than railing against this as overreach or pointing out the obvious negatives of such a proposal, I suggest we all reference the one thing that can break through the programming: pedophilia. Just point out that, if the parents can see it, then so can the pedophiles. And how helpful it will be to the pedophile rings to know where all the children are at all times. Suggest the politicians who suggested it are just part of the pedo rings.

Don’t go after this for any reason they would consider “leftist.” Act like you’re one of them, and let them cry out about it. That would undermine what I said in my first paragraph.

See, I’m in a district with 150k students, so 40k sounds cozy. Like, i bet the superintendent knows the principals all by name!

I tend to agree this isn’t meant seriously, and is being done more to fan the flames about the horrors of public school. Like congress, people who hate public school in general often think there own is okay. Like, its all the others that are full of indoctrinating commies, but not here. Pur teachers are the good ones.

Didn’t we just do this? I know I sat in my dining room watching the teacher over my kid’s shoulder through all of second grade and nearly died of boredom. Presumably a lot of Trumpy parents did the same thing. If teachers were pushing CRT or whatever the hell they’re afraid of, wouldn’t there be a whole bunch of actual anecdotal reports of that happening?

Update: To the relief of 99.9% + of the people affected by it, the bill died quickly in committee.

Good to hear that this bill died in committee.

In addition to the problem of pedophiles watching the cams, which is not a small problem, what about people thinking about shooting up a school? Especially if they’re picking out specific targets?