Ipad 2 smart cover alternatives

Is anyone using a non-smart cover on their iPad 2 that they would recommend? I went through 4 covers on the iPad 1 before finding one I was happy with and I loved the slim protectiveness of the smart cover.

Unfortunately I apparently use my iPad too much. The magnets are failing, half the time the cover closing doesn’t turn it off anymore and worse, if I hold it at the wrong angle the cover falls open by itself. It hasn’t completely fallen off yet but the hinge magnets are weaker on mine than my husbands too.

Now it gets a lot of heavy use but I don’t love it enough to spend $60 every couple of months on a new one so I’m looking at alternatives.

That’s not normal. Take it to apple and they will give you a new one. I got my iPad 2 on launch day and have been using it heavily (app developer), and mine doesn’t do that.

Magnets shouldn’t weaken. They have probably come out of place inside the cover.

Even if you still want another cover, make Apple replace this one.r

Thanks that’s worth a try! I can’t believe I didn’t consider that.

If anyone has suggestions, I’d still like to hear them. Especially anything that, you know, doesn’t cover up the major selling point and design change on the product (the camera).