iPad and magazine subscriptions

I got my new iPad2 today. Excitement! I was under the impression that I could get iPad-optimized versions of magazines that I subscribe to for free. Lord knows where I got that impression, because when I went looking to read Wired online, I learn that this month only, they are offering a free version. All else must buy, even if you own a paper subscription? Damn.

I guess my question is, for iPad owners: what free periodical subscriptions are out there, that look good and are easy to read on the iPad? (The only other magazine besides Wired that I read with any regularity is Southern Living, and even that I gave up about a year ago … but I see they have a new editor, so I may go back.)

I read a lot of magazines in my iPad, but none are free. Some, like the Economist, allow you free access if you have print subscription. Others via Zinio are fairly inexpensive.

For totally free, try something like Flipbard or Zite which present news feeds in a magazine-like layout.

Just a few days ago The New Yorker started offering iPad version of the magazine free with print subscription (~$80 per year). It was $4.99 per issue.

That alone justifies buying the iPad. I was so moved I sent them a thank you email :o

I use Zinio which, although not free is definitely cheaper than the print subscription rate in most cases. Zinio has AMAZING customer service.

I also use Zite for general content although this one is new to me, I’ve only had it for a couple of weeks.

I don’t know what those are, Moonlitherial. Services? Really, I’m new to this so I need an education on options.

Applications available through the App store. Both of those are free but you pay for content you add.