iPhone app for The Straight Dope?

Have tried an apple search but no luck so far. It could be under another name or there may not be an app for people on the move to enjoy straight dope . Any clues anyone? Thanks.

Tapatalk works pretty well. It doesn’t do polls and some of the formatting, but it seems to be fairly popular.

It would only be fair if there was an app for Android as well as the iPhone. After all, there are four times as many Androids as there are iPhones.


I know you’re talking about an official, dedicated SDMB app, but the above mentioned TapaTalk is also available on Android, as is the free, but not as good, app called Convo.

Personally, I prefer using the Opera (Mini) Android browser to just view the regular board, though. I’ve tried all the Android browsers, and that’s the one that plays nice with the board and displays well. I use other Android browsers for other stuff, but I use Opera exclusively for the SDMB.