iPhone EFIX data- is date usually accurate?

Long story short: A new girlfriend told me she took pictures for me just yesterday. The EFIX data says that the pics were taken on an iPhone 4 on Aug 31, 2012. Is she most likely lying?

You probably mean the Exif data.

Modern smartphones by default get the date and time from the carrier so it is highly unlikely that the date was set wrong.

It is most likely she’s lying.

Agreed, unless you go out of your way to change either the phone date/time or the EXIF data after the photo is taken it’s most likely correct.

Any way to avoid having this data recorded in the first place?

There are ways to turn off the geo information if your phone has a GPS. I’m not sure if there’s a way to turn off date/time stamp, but there are easy ways to remove or edit them from the image after taken.

Given that there was already a thread on this in IMHO (which has now been closed) I’m closing this also.

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