iPhone questions

I just got my first iPhone, and I’m sure I’ll have questions about it. Others may have questions too, so here’s a thread.

First question: You know how on TV shows and movies people use their phones for video calls? If I ever want to do that, how do I do it? What if the other person doesn’t use video phone? What if someone wants to do a face-to-face call with me; how do I do it?

Facetime is the Apple product, so it’s seamless to use on your iPhone.

Skype works well too. You can use it for audio only, if the person receiving would rather not do video at that moment.

Basically you know someone’s username or search by their email and it will “ring” their Skype or FaceTime app. They can choose to accept or decline the call.

What if the other person doesn’t have an iPhone?

I’m thinking that if you have an iPhone with a built-in camera, and the other person has a phone without a camera, then you won’t be able to see them… :slight_smile:

Also, if you try calling using, say, Facetime, and the other person has, e.g., an Android phone not running Facetime, then that won’t work. You should agree in advance on the same app; Skype would work if you both set up accounts, or WhatsApp, or Duo, or Facebook, or any number of other free video phone apps.

ETA I have not seen Facetime working on a non-Apple phone

FaceTime is a green box with a camera in it. Fairly simple to use. Only Apple phones use FaceTime. There are many other apps for video calling or so I’m told.

If you both have smart phones with video chat capability, but they are not both iPhones, use Skype.

You both need to have the same app ahead time.

Thanks. Not that there’s anyone I want to talk to face-to-face (Actually, I don’t like talking on the phone), but it’s good to know.

I took my first photo with the iPhone. I’d download pictures from the LG Tribute with my Bluetooth connection. With the iPhone, I click Connect to Network. It returns, Network is unavailable. Make sure network access is enabled. When I try to ‘browse this device’, It says 'Johnny L.A.‘s iPhone is not connected.’ When I try to browse it, it says ‘This device does not have the necessary services.’

Bluetooth is turned on on the iPhone. When I go to Settings, the switch is turned on… but underneatn Bluetooth it says ‘Now discoverable as sprprod-dfw’s iPhone.’

So the first question is, How do I make my iPhone and MacBook talk to each other via Bluetooth?

Next: If I can’t download a file using Bluetooth, how do I do it? I tried clicking the Share and email buttons. It brings up these options: iCloud, Exchange, Google, Yahoo!, Aol, Outlook.com, other. Since my email is none of those, I clicked ‘other’. It has an ‘Add Mail Account’ . I tried adding my email address and went back to email the picture. My email address does not appear, and I’m back to the same list of options. How do I email a picture to myself?

ETA: I’ve changed the name of my iPhone in General => About. It still doesn’t connect to my computer with Bluetooth.


The lil’wrekker says turn the phone off and back on.(that’s her standard answer). Is your Wi-Fi turned on the phone?

No joy.

Have you tried this?

Or this?

Have you password protected your Wi-Fi connection? Or locked it, whatever they call it.

Airdrop on the computer doesn’t show any ‘nearby users’. I don’t know where Airdrop is on the phone.

It’s asking me for a password, but I don’t know it. I tried using Keychain Access, but it’s asking me for my password and the one I know is correct to unlock Administrator functions isn’t working.

OK, you need to back up a bit.

iPhones and MacBooks DO NOT SYNC via bluetooth.
They sync via: iCloud, direct connection with a cable, or local WiFi. If you have your iPhone set up on your local network via WiFi, you should be able to see it in iTunes on the MacBook.
But, by far the simplest way to get everything configured is a direct cable connection. Do this first, set everything up, and then configure WiFi syncing.

Apparently there are ‘local keychains’ and other ones. I restarted my computer and entered my password to get the password for ‘api.facebook.whatever’. The password it displayed was not a password I would have chosen. It consisted of pipes and a zero. I opened iPhotos to try to use iCloud. (I don’t recall setting up iCloud, and only assume my phone is using it because it got a bunch of stuff off of my iTunes when I plugged it into the computer.) The weird password didn’t work.

Huh? If you can’t connect an iPhone and a MacBook with Bluetooth, then why do they have it? :confused:

I know nothing about iCloud, other than all the cool kids use it. Not being a cool kid, I just know it’s something my computer asks me if I want to use whenever I connect my camera to it. I tried connecting in iPhotos, but it’s asking for a password I don’t know and have no way of finding out. (See previous post.)

The iPhone is connected to my WiFi. How do I get the photo?

Also, how to I email a photo on the iPhone. (FWIW, I couldn’t figure out how to do that on the LG either.)

Oh – I don’t want to ‘synch’ the iPhone and the MacBook. I just want to have the iPhone on the network (via Bluetooth) so that I can browse its files and download them onto the Mac.

Bluetooth is used for all sorts of things - with and without pairing. You can pair to speakers, headphones, hands free car phone devices, automotive audio, Apple Watch, FitBits etc.

AirDrop actually uses Bluetooth without pairing.

To move a photo off the iPhone

Check Controll Center to make sure AirDrop,is on. (Google it if you don’t understand Control Center)

  1. Display it in Photos on the iPhone or select a bunch of them.
  2. Tap the little box with an up arrow in it.
  3. Choose how to share, send or AirDrop the photo.