IPod Classic User: What would annoy me about IPod Touch?

I have an IPod Classic (6th gen) 160 and a Video IPod (5th gen) 30.

The main thing that annoys me about the Classic is that it ignores “album artist” data in the “cover flow” menu. Otherwise, I quite like the way it works.

If I were to switch to the IPod Touch, what would annoy me?

Probably just the size. It’s a little bigger than your iPod classics, although, I’m sure you’ll get used to it.

The battery life, mainly. I have the same Classic, and the iPhone. I LOVE the 160 Classic…my entire music collection, a vast collection of podcasts and audiobooks, and pretty much whatever movie or show I want on it at any given time. It can make trans-oceanic flights with ease (for audio…all but the longest flights on video). Even in “airplane mode” where all the radios, GPS, etc are turned off, the iPhone doesnt even come close. Its understandable with the huge color screen (great for movies, not so much for the poor battery). I actually wish the Classic could go into black and white for extended efficiency if i wasnt in movie mode…
I like that the classic does what it does and does it well, with phenomenal battery life. Its a lifesaver on trips.

When is Apple going to sync all the ITunes track metadata onto the IPod?

It’s possible that they made it a touch * too * thin. It feels kind of fragile and hard to hold – almost slippery. I imagine a case would solve this problem.