IPod Questions

Sorry if these questions are repeats - I did glance thru the IPod threads but didn’t see or understand responses. Mr kiffa and I have two separate IPods; he has had his longer than I have had mine. He also took the time to download most the the better music CDs. Here are my questions:

  1. How can I transfer some of his songs from his library off of his computer? Is there a software package that will translate his library to my library?

  2. How can I download songs from ITunes sites located in other countries? The French site has many more world music/African music songs than the US site. It is not a question of Euros vs dollars - I use my credit cards worldwide with little problem.

  3. After I have burned songs from mr kiffa’s IPod library onto a CD, I download it to my IPod library to load up to my IPod. The song tracks are not burned onto the CD as well so I end up with Track 01, 02 etc. How can I add this info as songs are being copied without doing this manually?

Appreciate your insights. kiffa

Sorry if that post doesnot make much sense. I just woke up.

a. I want to transfer my husbands song to my IPod, but I am unable to download from his libary onto my IPod. I’m currently writing a CD and then transfering the songs to my library on my computer then onto my IPod. It would be nicer to cut this process down to one step.

b. I was referring to song titles. sigh. maybe I should go back to sleep,

I don’t think there’s a legal way to do what you want. Songs downloaded from iTunes are DRM (digital rights management) protected files and they are purposedly made to be unshareable. CD burning is kind of the exception to that and it’s the only “allowed” way to give music to others.

The rules of this forum prevent us from discussing how to bypass their DRM scheme, so you may want to try Google instead.

Please ignore that reply. I spoke too soon, sorry. iTunes might actually allow you to share music to other computers on a network – but I’m not sure. Wait for somebody who actually knows what they’re talking about :stuck_out_tongue:

If the songs were bought online from the iTunes Music Store, the first thing you’ll need to do is register your computer as one of the 5 Mr K’s allowed to register to play them. If the songs are just ripped from regular CDs you won’t need to do this.

Now , the easiest way to get songs from MrK’s library to your own would be to just copy all his library onto your machine over a network (for example, or by burning the files on data CDs rather than audio CDs - you can set this in iTune’s preferences) and then use iTune’s import feature to import all the files into your library. This would maintain all the information attached to the audio files.

If the song’s were bought from the music store and you can’t have your computer registered as one of the 5 allowed, then the only solution is to burn the tunes to CD and then reimport in your iTunes (see note on 3 below).

Unfortunately, the music biz operates in territories and likes to maintain strict border controls. The record companies won’t let you buy music from the French iTMS if you don’t have a French address and credit card. Your stuck buying from the US store I’m afraid. Tunes you can’t find on iTMS your just going to have to acquire in more traditional ways (like buying the CD).

As above, copying the actual audio files rather than burning as audio to CD and reimporting will maintain the ID3 tags on the files. If you have to burn as Audio CDs, if you burn whole albums you should be able to use the normal CDDB lookup that iTunes provides to find data about the album (Advanced>Get CD Track Names). But as CDDB relies on track numbers and lengths of tracks to match CD with albums in its database this will only work for entire albums. With individual songs imported from audio CD, I’m afraid your stuck imputing this manually…

Your best bet really is to transfer the actual files from Mr K’s library to your own.



I did, of course, mean ‘you’re’ not ‘your’ on multiple occasions. That’s one of personal peeves, as well…