iPod touch battery questions

A couple questions about the iPod touch battery.

  1. When I am at home, should I turn off the Wifi when I’m not using it? Will this significantly extend the battery life?

  2. Documentation says that the battery life is 300-500 charging cycles. What exactly is a charging cycle? If I start at 100%, drain it down to 90%, and then charge it back to 100%, is that one charging cycle? Or is it 1/10th of a charging cycle?

I can answer question 1. The Wifi does suck a lot of resources and you might even get an extra hour of battery from it. I know on my iPhone it makes a big difference to turn it off while I’m away from access. The brightness of your screen is another area you might see gains. If you have it set to 100%, or close to it, try slowly knocking it down and see if you don’t mind the new level. Going directly down to 50% in a single step might make it seem too dark because your eyes and brain are used to the old level, so doing it in steps or putting a gap of time between changing settings (like say, set to 50% at the end of the night and see if it is bright enough the next day, when you can see it “fresh” without just having looked at the 100% brightness) will make the transition smoother.

Re: question 2, since it’s got a lithium ion (actually I think it’s a polymer) battery, going from 100% to 90% to 100% would represent 1/10 of a charge cycle. 100% to 50% to 100% to 50% and back to 100% would be 1 charge cycle.

Note that for nickel-based batteries (NiCd, NiMH) each stage would equate to one charge cycle.

Thanks Not Sparticus. So if I’m listening to it all day at work, am I better off leaving it plugged into the charger all day, or should I run it off the battery and then charge it up?