iPod Touch differences

So, my brother’s birthday is coming up, and I’m planning to get him a silicone case for his iPod Touch, among other things. Not being an iPod owner, I didn’t realize until just now that there are two generations of Touches and cases for one will not fit the other. Unfortunately, I just got back to college and I won’t be home again until after his birthday, so I can’t look at it and tell the difference. So, what are the physical differences between the Touch 1G and the 2G that I can describe to my mom when I call and ask her?

I believe the new one is thinner, but that probably doesn’t help much if you don’t have a reference for comparison. :slight_smile:

According to this page on Apple’s site, you can tell by the shape of the black antenna patch on the back. The new one has an oval, and the old one is more rectangular.

Thank you. That’s exactly what I needed.

Call him and ask, “Hey, I was thinking of getting an ipod Touch. Which version do you have, and do you like it?”

How long has he had it? There’s a iPod touch 3G now, and its antenna patch looks like an elongated oval, too. Are you sure he hasn’t got that?

I have an 2G iPod touch in a 1G iPod touch case, and it fits like a glove. The difference is, IME, not that great.

The 2G also has external volume controls on the side.

Having owned both a 1G and a 2G I’d say that’s probably the main difference physically between the two, and what I’ve always assumed the difference in terms of accessories is for.

The second and third generation Touches are identical in shape and size, so accessories are interchangeable. Ergo, the critical question is does it have the volume buttons on the left side. If not, it’s a first gen. If it has them, it’s 2d or 3d gen.

–Cliffy, posting from his iPod Touch

Note: The first gen iPod Touches didn’t have Bluetooth; the 2G and 3G models do have Bluetooth, and support streaming to stereo Bluetooth headphones. Bluetooth.

I think that depends on the case. I bought a hard shell case for my 2G, not realizing it was a 1G case, and between the fact that the volume controls were covered and the screen did not rest flush up against the case, making it impossible to reach the “on” button, it was a non-starter. I wasted a whole dollar on it at the dollar store, too!

The shape of the Touch is somewhat different. My first-gen Touch is rectangular in cross-section (with rounded corners) on the underside, but basically the underside is flat. The second-generation is rounded (convex) all the way across the underside, so I could understand that a hard-shell case wouldn’t work well.

I have a Belkin silicone sleeve for mine, which I bought after dropping the slippery Touch two times the first week I had it. I never drop it with the sleeve, but on the other hand it’s harder to get into and out of pockets.

That’s quite true. This is the one I have: Link. I love it. Not a scratch on it.