iPoders: anyone having this issue?

I just bought a new iPod to replace my old one that died a painful death a while back, less than a month out of warranty, and every once in a while, maybe twice in a three hour usage, the volume suddenly fades. I can dial it back up and then in a couple minutes the volume jumps to what it would have been had I turned it up without the fading. I haven’t noticed any pattern as far as what songs or anything so I can’t check it against the files on my computer to see if there’s a problem with them, but playing songs on iTunes there hasn’t been any fadeout. Given the died-a-month-out-of-warranty with my first one I am a bit anxious that there be no problems with this one.


I work for the competition but my thought it that it is a problem with the main circuit board (although it could be the firmware. I am not familiar with the Ipod software) and when you start having any problems at all with an MP3 player, you call Tech Support and then promptly send it in for repair/replacement. Those things cost too much hard earned cash to take any chances.