Iran Proves That It Is Not Some Kind of Fascist State

By arresting six young people who had the nerve to commit the grievous crime of dancing and singing!

I think your government is kind of stepping on your point there.

Emma Goldman to Ruhollah Khomeini: “If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your Revolution!”

There’s a “Footloose” joke in there somewhere, but I’m not getting it right now.

Kevin Bacon called - he says arresting kids for dancing is so 30 years ago?

I know it’s wrong, but having been subjected to “Happy” so many freaking times, I kind of sympathize with the theocratic fascists.

Damn! Somebody just got served.

In Iran, there’s a grumpy preacher in every town.

Just to be clear, the dancers have been released (but not the director)

All these people wanted was to start a dance dance revolution.

Do Muslims eat Bacon?

Kevin Bacon is definitely not halal.

But seriously, is all dancing outlawed in Iran, or were these guys “dirty dancing”? Is there Ayatollah-approved forms of dance?

They can dance if they want to, they can leave their friends behind. Because their friends don’t dance and if they don’t dance then they don’t go to jail.

Al Jazeera puts it this way:

But on the positive side I guess this means music is legal in Iran. So they’re moderates!

There people like that everywhere. Living in fear that somebody may be smiling. Their turds aren’t tapered, they are clipped at the end when their asshole slams shut.

Well, of course not! Fascists dance and sing in public!

Is it OK for men to dance? Can I shake my little tush on the sidewalk?

It’s totally NOT safe to dance!

Sharia don’t like it

(Proud to be the “1” in the 26,541 Google hits for that)

Good. If only dancers could be treated thus everywhere.