Iraq fraud whistleblowers arrested, tortured, by U.S. forces

Not Iraqi whistleblowers, either. Americans. Story here.

This will go a long way to feed the conspiracy theorists.

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It’s the right link, I double-checked – something must be wrong at the moment with the website of the Santa Barbara News-Press. Try it again later.

GoogleNews is your friend.

Different link, identical AP story.

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This link to the same story should work.

Well, they are enemy combatants, traitors and terrorists. That will show them to try to do the right thing under the Bush administration.

It seems to me a big part of the story is missing. He blew the whistle, then something something happened, and then he was held in prison, being interrogated. Are the missing pieces of the story in the article? I haven’t clicked the link.

All the stories I can locate seem to be the same one, repeated off the AP wire. None of them mention why Vance was arrested. He says it was because he was a whistle-blower, but I don’t see any confirmation of this.

Vance worked for an Iraqi company, and sent information of some sort to an FBI agent in Chicago. Apart from that, we seem to have not much more than what he is alleging in a lawsuit. Perhaps he really was arrested for whistle-blowing. Perhaps he was arrested for participation in corrupt arms transfers, and is trying to claim that he was really an innocent bystander.

It would be interesting to see any independent corroboration of any of this.


Might be true, might not be true. We have no way of knowing. But that was a great cut and paste job!


You’d think that if he was arrested for some actual wrong doing though, they would have pressed charges. But not only was he freed more or less without comment, his co-whistle blower has apparently been allowed to continue to work for contractors in Iraq. I guess we’ll have to wait to find out what the gov’ts defense to the lawsuit is, though.

Now is not the time to question your illegal arms dealer.


Sure, although if they really arrested him for whistle-blowing, I would expect that they would come up with something plausible to arrest him for. Couldn’t they even come up with a fig leaf? Couldn’t they even say, “well, we were investigating him for corruption, found out there was insufficient evidence to charge him, and released him”.

It’s hard to argue from negative evidence, but that applies to both sides.


Hate to admit it, but this makes sense.

I mean, if you’re an evil government entity…wouldn’t you pretect yourself with a cover story? If for nothing else, as a way to discredit your victim should he squack?

Ah, but there lies the evil of it. By not creating a cover story, when the whole thing blows up you can say “wouldn’t we have created a cover story if that were true?”, and thus negate the accusation.

That’s a scum tell right?

Well, yes, it’s true there’s not enough evidence in to convict anyone in the case of this whistleblower yet. But what we do know is that there is enough information to justify viewing with alarm, writing our Congresscritters and demanding investigations. Because the one thing we call should have learned from events like Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo is that this government has NO repeat NO credibility and should not be trusted in any way, shape or form. Any allegation concerning the action of this government should be thoroughly investigated, because frankly, all the evidence indicates they really believe themselves to be above the law.

Read it and weep…

Note especially…

How is it possible, with all the crap we hear about every day, with 200,000 of our weapons being scattered to the ill winds…how is it possible that not one…not one!..of these suits have any merit?

What an extraordinary coincidence!

Awesome expose in Rolling Stone!