Iraqi Army and Kuwaiti Babies

I want an answer to this, with cites from reliable and objective sources.

Did the Iraqi army put Kuwaiti babies in incubators during the invasion of Kuwait? Some reports allege more than 300 Kuwaiti babies were killed this way. Some say it was a hoax. What’s the Straight Dope?

The Dope is here

The claim was not that Kuwaiti babies were put in incubators by Iraqi troops, but that the Iraqi troops dumped Kuwaiti babies out of their incubators and left them to die on the floor. This was, at best, an exaggeration. Unfortunately, this has been used as an example by those who would claim that all of the atrocities the Iraqis committed in Kuwait were lies, which is not the truth - there were plenty of rapes, murders and kidnapping to go around.

Speaking of Iraq, why the hell is there no “u” after the “q” in “Iraqi”?

Snopes said it never happened

Hill & Knowlton should be prosecuted. If for nothing else than being a bunch of sleazy bastards (assuming that they knew as much as EasyPhil’s articles says).

Snopes link.

'Cause that’s how Arabic transliteration works. “Q” (there’s no “u” used) represents a glottal sound something like “k” but which doesn’t exist in English.


To amplify on the response:
The Q in Iraq (al-'Iraq in Arabic) stands for the Qaf. The English Q sound, ex-U, provides a reasonable approximation of the Qaf, and helps distinguish words in Arabic when transliterating.

Else you easily confused Qulb (heart) with Kelb (dog), with the obvious… well implications if you’re attempting to express your feelings, so to speak.

On that line of thought, I have to share this:
Kristoff’s op col. from the NYT 15 Oct. 02

Registration required, he recounts how when he went to Cairo to study Arabic he introduced himself as Nick. E.g. Ismii Nick. (My name is Nick).

The entertaining part is this is more properly translated as My Name is Fuck! (imperative/command form).

As I recall once while in the region hearing an innocent member of an American delegation announce proudly to the room “Ismii Nikki (Family Name Withheld)” thinking she was saying “My Name is Nikki” when in reality she was saying, “My Name is Fuck Me [Now!]” this really had me entertained. (If only I had a picture of the expressions on the faces of the Arabs in the room. Only goes to show the importance of making sure students of Arabic are aware of certain words.)

During WWI, it was alleged that German soldiers were tossing Belgian babies into the air and catching them on their bayonets. I doubt that this really happened.