"Iraquis Reject Democracy" -- news spam?

The following was sent to me by a friend, who wanted to know if it was true.

This has all the earmarks of a bogus, fictitious news article. I can find nothing in google or google news using key words or phrases, nothing on major news sites like ABCnews.com or the Chicago Tribune. Snopes has nothing yet, although they often take a while to post new stuff. My guess is it was lifted from a satirical blog or just made up and emailed out like so much spam.

Anybody know where this came from?


Thanks, friedo! I dunno why “Andy Borowitz” didn’t get flagged in my googling – I thought I remembered something about that name, but couldn’t put a finger on it.

This is not the first “bogus news” article I have been handed in the last several evolutionary years of the Internet. Most of them I recognize and can refute quickly; this one took just a little longer.

I think I see a disturbing trend here: someone writes a satirical article which is extracted from its source just enough to seem authentic, at least to the gullible. Then it becomes Internet “fact” merely from the explosive distribution.

Thank G^d for the SDMB! :slight_smile:

And this smiley is for E.M.: ;j