Ireland : Shut yer hole about being the "Emerald Isle"

First off: let’s not turn this into Ireland v. The World, as that seems to be the way the wind is blowing anyway, so any thread on that would be pointless - all we gotta do is wait ‘n’ see.

But this bunch-of-arse that I keep hearing about Ireland being “the emerald isle”? And Ireland producing emeralds WTF? You guys are can’t compete with fucking Sierra Leone for emerald production, when you actually look at it.

Columbia: Leading the world
Zambia: Loads more emeralds
Brazil: Not as many emeralds as coffee, but still a load of 'em.
Zimbabwe: Known for fine emeralds. And not much else.

United States:

Okay, some production in North Carolina where the glaciers couldn’t destroy them.

Plus you look at all those emeralds on people’s fingers and necks. Try and take them and there’d be a fucking civil war!

Okay: “Home of the Blarney Stone”, well, yeah, you’d d need to kiss that to get by in today’s world of emerald trade.

Rather you than me.

“United States: Home of the Emerald”

Was one thread not enough for this crap?

Dude, you can’t be serious. Ireland isn’t called the Emerald Isle because of its emeralds (or lack thereof, as the case may be. I’m not up on world emerald production.) It’s called the Emerald Isle because of the vegetation.



I’m gonna say no, but I will give points on being mildly clever and not just ranting about the thread in question.

No silly. it’s not about Ireland producing emeralds, it’s about Ireland tasting like emeralds. Thus “The Emerald Isle”.

And here I thought it was the Emeril Isle. Isn’t he from there?
Robyn, you’ve been wooshed.

Besides, the REAL reason to Pit Ireland is that they’re after me Lucky Charms™!!!

Oh come on! You guys were probably betting money on when I was gonna do that!

Noooooooooooooooo-body bets on NoClueBoy!

Well, we certainly didn’t expect anyone to…

What is Australia noted as “The land of”?


or maybe downunder. We’ve got a lot of that.

What about those alleged 40 shades of green? I’ve counted exactly 2,547 shades of green here. This is misrepresentation of the highest order.

Bunch of fucking arse.

It’s the land of TNT, of dy-no-mite!!!

Hey, since Seattle was nicknamed “The Emerald City” those stones have been popping up all over. Maybe you’re just not looking in the right places.

I had stones last year.
Not fun.

And another thing.

“If You’re Irish, Come Into the Parlour”. Well lookee here - there’s three and a half million of the buggers, not counting the diaspora and all its descendents. How big a fucking parlour do they expect me to have?

You seem to have forgotten that Ireland is also the land of the Blarney Stone. Might that not explain all these outlandish claims about the abundance of emeralds? Well, that and a more than amble serving of Bushmills… (Kidding.)

Hmmm, a Protestant, ey?