Irish Dopers: Is this story true?

It sounds like a joke, but appears to be from a reputable source not on the first of April. Any ideas?

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Seems absurd to me. Super rabbit? He talks to invisible donkeys at work? The chargers were dropped because *the donkey *destroyed the mini-bar?

And this ices the cake.

Well if you were to ask me to speculate which country had an unlawful Accomadation of Donkey’s act on the books, Ireland would probably be near the top of my list of guesses.

A quick search of the website of the Irish Attorney General ( shows there is no such thing as the Unlawful Accommodation of Donkeys Act. The story’s a joke.

If it were dating back all that time, wouldn’t it be an English law?

Indeed. The website lists all English statutes with application in Ireland. Not there.

I am so disappointed. In a strangely perverse way I wanted it to be true, especially the Unlawful Accommodation of Donkeys part, as if this were a mater of special public concern in the Emerald Isle.

I think someone is making an ass of us…

It may well be, according to a Mohamed al Fayed. From here.

Perhaps the Irish simply want to limit the number of English politicians who can enter the country. Seems reasonable.

Well, we know that the law is an ass. Therefore, the ass law is ass squared.

It’s a pisstake.

It originally came from a new site called for maintenance at the moment) in their few short weeks of operation they have had a few stories that were like this.

The name of the girl in the hotel is Irina Legova(leg over, get it?) which could be a character in a Austin Powers movie.

Just shows how lazy web hosts/journalists can take a story and make it seem real. Like the onion stories that have appeared in China as real stories.