Iron Chef America?

Watching the Food Network lately, I’ve noticed ads running for what appears to be a new Iron Chef series. And whether they are planning to be contestants or Iron Chefs, I’ve seen (the best Iron Chef from the Japanese show) Masaharu Morimoto, Bobby Flay, and jolly giant Mario Batali of in the teaser.

But there’s no information yet on the show on I want to know if it has any relation to the two or three thoroughly disappointing Iron Chef USA specials hosted by Bill Shatner (and judged by Night of the Living Ron Popiel), or if it’s a fresh start. I realize that no American version will quite live up to the kitsch of the dubbed Japanese, but I hope that some of the magic can be recreated.

So does anybody know about who the chefs or host will be? Any other sumptuous details?

All I know is that Alton Brown was in CA filming Iron Chef America when he collapsed from exhaustion and dehydration. He didn’t mention if he actually finished filming, lol, but I sure hope so, because that’ll fucking rock.

And also, he’ll kick everybody’s ass.

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Alton is the coolest ever.

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And now, iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit’s Monster Chef! Where Mario Batali and a crew of sous chefs who’ve never met transform a tub of lobsters and crawfish into a turbocharged laaaaaaaaaaaaawnmower! Cue the smoke machine. Cue the non-stick metal music.

LMAO AskNott… That was brilliant.

“Disappointing”? “Disappointing” doesn’t begin to describe the smothering awfulness of that show. Iron Chef USA was a tapdancing blackface abortion.

“Disappointing,” my old lady’s corset cover.


From what I’ve seen, the chefs to compete are Morimoto, Sakai, Batali and Wolfgang Puck. Who is battling who, I’m not sure. Also, Alton Brown is not competing - he is taking the place of commentator Yukio Hattori.

:frowning: The only dream I’ve ever had is to see Alton Brown compete as an Iron Chef. Who gives a fuck about Wolfgang Puck? Alton would mop the floor with him!


I don’t see how an American version could ever match the “magic” that is the Japanese version. The best part is the dubbing of the judges comments.

It’s like watching Godzilla … if he were being chopped up and made into several unique culinary dishes.

Iron Chef and Good Eats are two of my favorite shows. If Alton Brown is involved in a new American Iron Chef show, I don’t care if he only comes out once an episode to do a little dance across the arena, I’ll probably still be thrilled. I’m easy to please. :wink: And besides, didn’t the Japanese commentator once take on the Iron Chefs as a challenger in the Japanese version? Maybe Alton could try his hand just once!

This actually sounds like a lot of fun to me. I can’t wait to see it!

I dont think it will be marimoto,sukai,batali or puck I think it well be “newer”
chefs like todd english and those of that crowd.although I hope the new version
is far better than the other one.And I dont want the stupid reporters talking to the chefs while they are cooking

rich in seattle (no offense meant to anyone)

I heard about Iron Chef USA a long time ago. I think they just swept it under the rug with a embarassed cough.

I’d watch at least one episode, because I heard William Shatner was supposed to be in the Chairman Kaga type role. Seeing what Kaga usually wore, I just gotta know what they suited up Shatner in. Maybe he got some of Rod Roddy’s hand-me-downs?

Pepperlandgirl, how about dumping Mario in favor of Alton and keeping Wolfie?
I luurrve the Wolfman!

The casting of Alton as the interviewer or chaiman or whatever, if true, is pretty inspired. He’s said before that he’s not a chef, but only a cook, and I am glad that he is being involved somehow. Why the man hasn’t been catapulted to Food Network’s poster boy by now is beyond me.

Also, if the lineup posted is true, I think they should have gone with slightly different chefs. Morimoto and Batali are both good choices in my opinion but couldn’t they find someone else that knows French cooking other than Sakai? I mean, if this is going to be an American Iron Chef, shouldn’t they try to rely on as few of the Japanese stars as they can? And why is Puck of all people included? And just what nationality is he supposed to be representing?

Even with these complaints, I’ll still watch. Should be fun.

Like I said in the OP, I don’t remember anything about Puck. I thought I heard Bobby Flay, though, which nobody else has confirmed.

Iron Fans is reporting that these are the battles:

Batali vs Morimoto
Flay vs Sakai
Flay and Morimoto vs Batali and Sakai
Puck Vs Morimoto

Alton will be Fukui-san/Dr. Hattori.

Oh jesus, we get to see Booby Flay embarass himself and all the Americans again?

I’m exasperated and excited.

I would much rather have batali than flay in the group.also,I agree on the french
line up there must be some good “all american” french cooks out there.
also,Alton Brown as main interviewer,that would be cool,even if he is only director

rich in seattle