Iron Chef: The Battle Continues

An unprecedented moment has happened in the SDMB Kitchen Stadium. In the previous Lobster Battle in the Iron Chef Part Wu Thread, our current Iron Chef, Chef Troy and the challenger Fenris ended the battle with tied scores.

As per the original Iron Chef TV Show, a tie requires a tie-breaking rematch.

Chef Troy and Challenger Fenris, be prepared to fight for your honor!

I will post the theme ingredient 8 PM EST.
Because this is the first time a tie has happened in our Iron Chef battles, I need to make a note as to the rules. All the same rules from the previous threads will apply, except that I will not allow requests from the chefs for extra time to post. You will be given the 48 hours to post your menus and recipes; if you cannot complete the task (I understand that it is much easier to write up the menu than it is to write up all the recipes), then you will be judged upon what you have posted.

I would like to also remind the judges that the chefs do put in an incredible amount of time in working up menus and writing recipes (I have often spent 5, 6, 7 hours working on menus and recipes on previous threads), and it is very disheartening when I give (what I believe to be) plenty of time to comment and judge, and our chefs are left hanging. I understand that real life does often get in the way of board time, so if you think there is a problem with not being able to judge in time and you have volunteered to judge, please email me.

Although my brilliant idea for the title of this new thread seems to have been rejected, I hold no grudges and would consider it an honor to judge the overtime battle. I hope my prior comments and judgment were worth the wait for the Iron Chefs, and I commend them for all they do to make this an incredibly enjoyable and interesting time. Thank you Iron Chefs.

the camera pans over the panel of assembled judges, pausing, as ever on one wearing a formal evening gown in bright yellow satin, and a small, but tasteful, tiara. She starts coyly giggling behind her hand:

ooooh, when I was on the West Coast for my last movie, I enjoyed so much the Iron Chef Contests (more giggling), and would be most proud to lend my (even more giggling) hand to the competition. I enjoy to hear the sounds and smells of the cooking. and the tasting. (more giggling as the camera man finally turns away).

I do recall your idea as being brilliant, but since this isn’t quite “Part Six” I decided on not using it. Besides, using the word sex in a thread title may give the wrong impression.

Yet… then again, a battle of using allegedly aphrodisiacal foods would be very interesting.

I can see the menus now:

Rhino Horn Soup
Spanish Fly Tarts

Chairman Java: A request…I’m having to work extra hours this week…would your vision of this contest (limited to 48 hours) be satisfied if you gave the theme ingredient tomorrow night? That would give me a Friday evening and a Saturday to work on the menu.

If the whole point is to not offer a weekend, I understand.

Challenger Fenris

Sorry, Fenris.

The point to the tie-breaker is to present a tougher challenge to the chefs (this time, it’s a time constraint rather than ingredient). Just do what you can in the time you have.

Wow, no wonder she’s never subtitled. She’s just plain mean.

I’ll be able to post scores as long as there’s no extensions as I’ll be travelling this weekend (going to run a marathon.)

I’ll have Friday evening free while I get ready for OhDope, so I ought to be able to judge. And I’ll be on time this time. Promise.

Don’t worry, Fenris, I’m working extra hours at work this week too, so there’s no unfair advantage.

I’m back from vacation and ready to judge. Bring on the feast!

<Start Backdraft Theme>

In our last thread, our esteemed chefs battled honorably and created wonderful menus… so wonderful that our judges couldn’t decide whose cuisine reigned supreme.

We were left with a tied score, leaving us to prepare a new battle to break this tie.

It is time to reveal the secret ingredient!

On the stand include: Crimini, Shiitake, Oyster, Chanterelle, Morel, Woodear, Portobello, Porcini, White Button Mushrooms, and Truffles (not technically a mushroom, but a fungus and thrown in for the fun of it).

Allez Cuisine!

I despise mushrooms on the molecular level. There’s no way I could judge a competition based upon them; the tastes and textures aren’t something I can handle, so I don’t think I could adequately envision the dishes. Is there someone else willing to step in?

Mmmm shrooms.

Oh, and no soups!

Juniper: I feel much the same way as you about 'shrooms ('specially the dreaded “button” mushrooms), but the whole point of an Iron Chef competition is to challenge us…both the chefs and the tasters. Despite my initial trepidation, I’m starting to come up with some ideas…

Give it a try. If the BDJ in the “Soft Roe/Fish Sperm” battle could try “Fish Sperm Ice Cream”, surely you can do no less! I know Iron Chef Troy’s abilities and I know mine…I suspect you might be pleasantly surprised by both our dishes.

Besides…think of the challenge you present to both chefs to win you over!!

Challenger Fenris

Well, okaaaay, but the first person to put mushroom ice cream in front of me will quickly find himself wearing said ice cream. :slight_smile:

Since I usually go out of my way to avoid mushrooms, I really have no idea what the different varieties taste like. I know button and portabello, but I’m otherwise clueless. Anyone know a good mushroom site where I can edumacate myself before the judging?

All that lobster leaves me craving a dessert.

All these mushrooms leave me craving a …Blank.

Over to you Charles Nelson Reilley:

All these mushrooms leave me craving a …blank?

Charles Nelson Reilley: ???