Ironic Suicide Bomber incident

Does anybody remember the news story about a couple suicide bombers who blew themself up while driving on their way to blow some Israelis up? Something went wrong when they had the timer set for the wrong time zone.

I’m just looking for a link to a news page for details of the incident.

Huh. That sounds less than plausible. Why would the timer strapped in with the explosives care about the time zone? Wouldn’t it just be a simple egg timer that counted down seconds?

Why would suicide bombers use a timer anyway?

yeah, it would be like

  1. Press the little red button and

I vaguely remember the story. They weren’t, of course, suicide bombers. Have you tried Snopes? Among my vague recollections is somebody having evidence it was a joke that got reported as news.

actually, no, i believe it really did happen. something to the effect of Daylight Savings-type change happening at the time the bombings were being planned. bombs were not suicide-type, just good ol’ fashioned plant-'em-and-run models. however, the bright lights of the liberation front kept timer clocks on old time and went ahead with scheme using watches (set to new, one-hour-behind time). result? on way to target destination…OOPSIES!

i’ll roam around and see if i can find a confirming site.


straight from The Darwin Awards webpage:

and there you have it.


If there ever was a time that someone really needed a snooze button…

Thank you lachesis. You have no idea of how many google searches I did to find that story. I guess I wrongly associated all bombers as suicide-bombers. geez.

Hm. If the terrorists were blown to hell with their bombs, how would we have any idea what their clocks were set to?

This is weird. As I wrote in another thread that’s … somewhere … around here, Israel does this every year. They ALWAYS switch times before everyone else. When I was there in 1998, we switched to Standard Time in freaking August. I don’t know why Palestinians had such a problem with it this particular time.

You’d be amazed. Remember the Oklahoma City truck bombing? Even though it blew half the building to pieces, the axle directly under the bomb survived. Even with the biggest explosion you’ll have bits that are still intact. They probably figured it out from a small clue that survived.