Irony of Anthrax (political statement)

Does it seem to anyone else it is more that just irony using the government to spead anthrax?

Obviously they aren’t doing it themselves but using a governmental body to spread disease on its own seems like a very political statement.

Actually, I think that the post office (I’m assuming that that’s what you’re referring to) is a semi-independent body. But you would prefer that they used Fedex?

Well, be assured that in light of recent events, many buildings are taking precautions against the possibility of it being delivered via bike messenger. Specifically, they are making us use freight elevators from the loading docks to get upstairs, rather than the normal elevators. Which is a useful security measure, because… ummmm… errr…

In any event, I think the Post Office is used because it’s the easiest way to do such things. I mean, how else would you send people anthrax?

What I would prefer is that the jerks perpetrating the hoaxes would cease and desist. My school (Monterey Peninsula College) got closed for a day & a half this past week because some idiot decided it would be a cute thing to do to spread numerous piles of powder all over the campus. Of course, this happened during mid-terms.

I dearly hope the culprit or cuplprits get caught. Last I heard, the Justice Department is prosecuting those stunts as federal felonies.

What GilaB said. But really, they probably used the mail for two main reasons:

  1. No chance for anyone to see the sender, or for the sender to give a name and address, as with a private express service like UPS or Fedex (sure they could have used a fake name/address, but it’s another layer of complication)

  2. Apparently the supply of spores is very limited, so this allows hitting as large a number of widely dispersed targets as possible.

I don’t see anything more to it than that.

If you wanted to use a governmental body to spread a disease, then 1) you wouldn’t choose anthrax, and 2) you wouldn’t use the postal service.

Perhaps you might want to explain to us all the “irony” you refer to in your OP. Or perhaps you might not…