Irrational Christmas wish lists

Okay, we all have them. A list of things we really, really, really want, that we KNOW we are NEVER EVER going to get, ever, but if we could hand 'em off to Santa and get them we would do it in a sec. I did a search on this and didn’t find anything similar going on.

So what’s on your totally irrational out-of-the question never-gonna-happen Christmas wish list?

Here’s mine, in no particular order:

Joe Perry.
New knees.
Vincent Spano.
An 18-inch waist.
50 million dollars.
New feet.
Meeting my grandfathers.
A guest spot on the X-files with David Duchovny.
World peace. Seriously.
David Duchovny.
A trip back through my 20s knowing what I know now.
Every Aerosmith bootleg/pinup/poster ever made.
Several of my relatives to still be alive.
Naturally curly hair.
Billy Wirth.
My own amusement park.
Perfect health.
No phobias.
A stereo in every room.
And Joe Perry, once again.

Hmm lemme think on this…

A few million dollars
Russell Crowe
To have a smaller waist and thighs

I dunno what else… those would top my list mainly… or in place of Russell Crowe I’d go with any handsome smart guy who likes me and is a great person.

Sebastian Spence
Brendan Fraser
new knees
a big house
a million dollars
One of those $5,000 massaging recliner chairs. Mmmmmm.

Tobey Maguire
one of those Susanna Hoff signature guitars

Evan AND Jaron :smiley:
four inches in height
an Icee machine
a new ankle
the loft in the movie Ghost

World peace
A self-cleaning house
A hybrid gas/electric car that seats more than two people
A daughter, who arrives on our doorstep at least one year old
Extra hours every day to sew my sons’ clothes, bake real cookies, and get to the gym
A personal masseur who drops by once a week

Smaller bottom
Thinner Thighs
1 Year trip to England (all expenses paid [home and abroad of course])
My dream home
13 million dollars
Keith Hamilton Cobb
To be able to eat whatever I want, whenever I want, without getting ill after and maintaining my ideal weight
My mother alive again and healthy (or barring that, one last chance to talk to her again)

A dog, very definitively, a dog. Those who know my parents and the demon mutt in the backyard would understand.
A kitty cat that could get along with the dog(s)
Something to get rid of my chubs around my tummy and legs.
To be in perfect shape.
Health for my entire soccer team, read the thread about Siccer in the pit, you’ll understand.
A non bitter ex-boyfriend
A stress free life.
All my homework done for a year.
A trip to Europe and Mexico for me and my closest friends.
World Peace
A decent president
At least a million dollars for my family


My wish list:

*A trip around the world with my friends
*Enough money for my family to scrape by
*No homework for the entire year
*Free time
*A diagnosis of my mental illness (well, this is becoming a reality, as I am seeing a specialist in January…so I can only hope)
*a clear mind
*Presents for my friends…I just can’t afford it this year
*a kitten
*the lead in the musical (or at least a chance to be Anita)
*to be on Wheel of Fortune again, because I’d be so much smarter than I was when I was on the show as a nerdy 12 year old who lost anyway…

Most important:

A cure for cancer.

I need to add the cure for cancer, leukemia, and arthritis, and chrone’s disease (not sure how to spell that)to my list.

Also, if I got the itty-bitty waist I’d requested, I’d better ask for a smaller caboose. It sure would look odd with the caboose I have now…!

I love seeing these lists. Santa? Are you looking? Where aaarrrreee yooooouuuuuuuu…

Unconditional love from the one person I need it from.
A happy life for every SDer out there that is having any kind of problem, I can sympathize with all of you and just know that I love you all.


I’m so in awe of the people who thought of “amusement park” and “Icee machine.”

Here’s my list:

–an industrial size washer and dryer, the front loading kind that have windows so you can watch your clothes go. swimming in the washer, and then dance around in the dryer
–the stuffed tiger that I loved as a baby, and got lost sometime around 1978.
–every unwanted animal in a shelter would find a good home.
–a secret passage in my house, preferrably the kind with a revolving bookcase, so I could nonchalantly show it off at parties.
–when I was 12, I lost a ring that belonged to my mother, a gift from her grandmother, because I was messing around in her stuff. I wish I had that ring to give back to her.
–a pony.

World peace, justice for all and the end of hunger. Ok, with that said, I’ll proceed on to the more personal.

2 Carat blue diamond stud earrings [headlamps as I recall]

Jaguar car [with the necessary monthly maintenance fund to keep the car running]

Sony or Panasonic high definition/wide screen tv with theatre sound that totals about $6000.

A trust fund that delivers about $50 million a year that I can designate for a wide variety of special interests such as voter education projects here in the US and abroad, increasing childhood immunization rates in Africa, supporting Akosha [non-profit that supports social entrepreneurs], revolving credit unions for women-owned enterprises in Africa, ending FGM.


It’s Crohn’s. And I would have to add that to my list as well, bwk. Especially since it was a large contributor to my Mother’s death.

May I ask what made you list it?


…a horse. (duh) Not a pony, a horse, preferably around 16 hands high, well-trained, mild-mannered, a gelding, and either a quarter horse or Morgan between the ages of 8-12. If I were shooting for the moon, I’d ask for an Andalusian (rare Spanish breed; untrained babies go for $5000).

Of course, I’d like tack–huntseat and western trail–to accessorize my gift. And hey, no need for a leather halter; nylon is fine for me.

Now, if I wanted to get really irrational, I’d like a 10 acre ranch, 10-stall stable, riding arena, and lush pastures to house my collection. This has been my dream ever since I was a little girl.

sigh Now I’m depressed.

I’ll just go play with my model horses now…

World peace.
An end to world hunger.
No more school shootings or murder by children.
More compassion and tolerance in the world by all of its inhabitants.
More respect for the earth.
Clean water and air for everyone.
Lower crime rates.
An end to child abuse, rape, and incest.
A minimum wage that actually allows those who work for it to be able to live without welfare.
More dignity in public office.
Safer airlines, trains, and automobiles.
Generosity becomes the next hot trend.

My father alive again.

Many slight hijacks here…

Mauvaise – I know some people who have it, and it is so horrible. It’s just like the doctors basically say… oh well… can’t help you there…

sheerah – it would be the coolest column. If the newspaper here would pay for columns, this would be the first one I’d do. Heck, I may do it anyway, for free.

GuanoLad – I second that. That’s one of my wishes too.

Ruffian – everything is rational compared to that wish of mine! I love horses too… We had the most wonderful chestnut quarter horse who lived to be around 30 years old.

I’d also like to be able to dance like Cynthia Rhodes.