Irregular Adverbs

I am stubborn; You are obstinate, They are pig-headed.

I am ornery; You are obtuse; The moderators are oblique.

There are no adverbs in your post.

Perhaps we could delicately point that out.

That’s what’s so irregular.

I have a brain-fart; you screw up; she is a sub-literate moron

I am a stickler for accuracy; you are a pedant; he is an elitist grammar snob


I think that makes it ironic.

They’re pop-up adverbs. You don’t see them because you’re a paid member.


That was a good one.

Seriously though, what the eff is up with the OP?

I doubt that we’ll ever find out.

…perhaps obliquely.

Hittin’ the bong, are we?

They’re adverbial phrases.

Edit: Wait, maybe I’m wrong, do adverbial phrases work with forms of “to be”?

I am Auto’s total confusion.


It’s a joke/game. The point is to highlight the way we have different labels for the same actions, depending on who is doing them. Some examples here. Also:

I am a maverick
You are not a team player
He/she is disloyal to the party

He/she defrauds the company
You pad your expenses
I make sure I’m fairly compensated

They torture the innocent
You have a robust interrogation process
We strike a balance between liberty and security

… any others?

It still has nothing to do with adverbs, irregular or otherwise.

…which is of course the main point, and one which has been made insufficiently clear up until now.

The OP doubtless meant to type “irregular verbs”. Not to suggest that these are verbs (heaven forfend) but because that is how this construction is usually labelled, as witness this 1980 Yes Ministerquote:

The irregular adverbs quote was from a Readers Digest end of article quip from the `50s.

I asked a question in ATMB.
“Could the ‘Thread Closer’ please post a reason for the closure, in a last post?”

My mistake was in answering a question in this thread with a specific example.
I should of left it as a general question.

The thread was closed.

I further compounded my mistake by admitting I found it amusing.
(Helpful Hint: Never laugh at a psychiatrist. Or a moderator.)

I pitted. Thread closed.

I pitted again, in this thinly veiled Abby Normal thingy.

I’ve been Mod Warned before. One was spot on, my boo boo.

I still say, If you’ve also been Mod Warned twice in the same thread
let me know, we’ll form a club.

But I digerss,
It was a simple question:
Could the ‘Thread Closer’ please post a reason for the closure, in a last post?

A simple Yes or No question.
Yes, we will make it policy.
No, we will ban you for asking such an impertinent question.


Oh, I almost forgot.

Your poem stinks.