irritant vulture hemorrhoid cupholders

A fair amount of the spam filling my e-mailbox has subject headers like this. One current one is:

annoy stash uhf hoover critique amaranth

I guess I am supposed to see one of these and think, “ooo, how interesting! I will have to open that one and see if it’s something besides a Cialis ad.”

If it gets through the non-existent e-mail filters and it looks like crap, it’s still crap, Mr. Spam Marketer.

I thought this was going to be an interesting take on a particularly annoying kind of cupholders.

Or the latest souvenir item from some bizarre Western Museum. :eek:

Naah, the entire goal is to get the mail past the spam filters.

There are enough idiots who read 100% of their mail & who click on the links that Mr. Spammer is doing just fine. His wole goal is to get the mail past the ISPs’ (and others’) filters and into the hands of those dolts.