Irritating new spam scam?

“You have an e-card waiting to be collected” is the title of the message.

Now I never open email from people I don’t know (because it’s usually usually spam) or where the subject line doesn’t identify it (so when I email Dopers I always put SDMB in the title line). But I fell for it.

You click, it says to collect your email go here, and you wait. Soon enough up comes a screen saying click here and money will be donated to a charity, so please choose which charity. I make a decision and click and then it says please enter your email address and name. I’m smelling a rat, but it’s for charity ain’t it, so I type in “Boss” (which is not my real name).

Now it’s asking what age am I, and I think “oh, gimme a break”, and escape.

Mildly annoying, no more, these things happen, don’t they?

A few days later, ther’e an email waiting for me, saying “Boss, Sorry you haven’t heard from me lately…”

My God. Nobody calls me Boss. It’s the dreaded personalised SPAM. And I gave them my email by opening that stupid e-card thing!

[insert horrifed smiley]

My new policy - if it says “an e-card from …” and I recognise the name I’ll open it. Otherwise, straight to the rubbish bin.

Is this a new ploy, or old? Anyone else come across it?

I got that one too, but being the dumb-ass that I am, I got all the way to the end before cottoning on (using a little-used nickname as Redboss did). The final screen lets you know that the card cannot be collected because the sender has sent too many in one day.

I immediately deregistered with the site (yeah, like that will achieve anything), and had to wade through a few screens of “oh, but if you deregister, the charities will lose out”, “are you SURE you want to stop the charities receiving funds” and “you evil git, why don’t we just send you some puppies so you can drown them for kicks?”

(Well, maybe I am paraphrasing a little).

I’ve heard nothing since.

I haven’t received that one yet. Thanks for the heads-up! I’ll keep an eye out.

I got one too. For some reason my wife likes to send thoses cards but I really don’t want to deal w/ them. I went throught the above process too.