IRS paid millions in credits for slavery

I guess there’s no need for congress (or us in GD) to discuss this issue since the IRS has already paid out.

Did the IRS interpret “reparation credit” as write offs for equipment repair?

Perhaps we should be glad they didn’t give out the $2.7 billion.:eek:

If you do the math, using the $43,000 suggested figure, the IRS gave out 600 refunds in 2 years, out of 100,000 returns claiming the refund.

While that is still horrendous, it indicates that most of the bogus stuff got caught.

My WAG is that most of the ones that slipped thru can be traced to a few tax checkers not knowing what they were doing. They need to be fired immediately(if they still hold jobs).

I wonder if Essence could be criminally charged?

Considering that they let through about 700 of the 77,000 tax forms claiming the bogus credit (assuming that the $30 million is being divided by $43,000), that means that only one percent of the claiments succeeded.

The IRS is also going after them to get the money back and fining them $500 if they don’t withdraw the claim.

The only ones who made money of this are the scammers.

I’m so confused. Did these people just write in a little reparations box or something? I don’t remember seeing any little reparations area. If I print up a line or two about deductions for, say, pantyhose procurement, will the IRS computers be fooled into sending me money? How exactly, physically, concretely, does this work?

>> How exactly, physically, concretely, does this work?

Why dontcha call the IRS and find out? :wink:

BTW, I wonder if the IRS checks if you’re black.