Is 120Hz Worth Paying For?

It’s about time for me to break down and join the HDTV generation. Our family room is sized so that 46" is about the right size for good viewing, according to the screen size calculators that I’ve found. I can get a 46" 1080p 60Hz LCD for about $750. Will I be sorry that I didn’t go for 120Hz? Does HD broadcast use 120Hz or would this only apply to Blu-ray viewing? Or am I better off and waiting another year for prices to fall even further? Any and all opinions are welcome.

Bump because I just bought a new 60hz LCD.

It’s the refresh rate and is not dependent on the source unlike resolution. Read this

You may want to check out AVS Forums, it’s got a ton of information.

IMO 120 hz is worth it

At they store when I bought they had a 60 hz next to a 120 hz, football game.

I could see a bit more motion blur on the 60.

BTW, LCD tvs go up to 240 hz now. I’m not sure if the jump there is as signifigant.

I got a free subscription to PC World (thank you lame internet surveys!) and last month had an article that stating that the jump between 60 and 120 was very noticeable, but there was no major detectable difference between 120 and 240.