Is a 3/4 wrench and 19mm interchangeable? ?

Many lug nuts / lug bolts are 19mm

Many spark plugs also.

I’ll put in another vote for “it’s actually rather common”.

The rare sizes IME are 18mm and 16mm - but even these show up occasionally.

Methinks that the “:P” in Jamicat’s post was meant to be a smiley, and he was joking. 19mm bolt heads are quite common in Asian and European cars, and somewhat common in American cars.

In lawnmowers, yes. Not in automobiles. Spark plug hexes are 5/8" or (in older vehicles) 13/16".

18mm bolt heads are rare in European cars, and I don’t recall seeing one in an Asian car, but they’re common in American cars. I agree that 16mm is rare.

I just figured they were 3/4 and went with that. :wink:

No wonder my 19mm wrenches and sockets are so new looking. :smack:

For future reference, the smiley on this board uses lowercase which makes the tongue come out the middle, like so: [noparse]:p[/noparse]. Uppercase makes it look like it’s coming out the side of the mouth: :stuck_out_tongue:

The bolts holding the brake drums on a '78 VW Bus are the only time I’ve used 11 mm ::sticks tongue out::

If you’re not worried about putting it back together, use a cold chisel and big fucking hammer.

In my head I now hear this being read by John Cleese in a sarcastic tone, much like the “Cheese Shop” sketch.

Oh yeah! BMW has 19mm all over the place and Fiat uses 13mm, which was once described to me as, “European Half-Inch”.

Þ, Þ, Þ, Þ, Þ, snerk

Hehe, the great moment of decision of personal lazyness vs “craftsmans integrity”; when you are all set to turn a 1/2 inch bolt and realize you grabbed the 13mm socket. It probably won’t strip it too much :wink: