Is a 4-story bird nest of interest?

There has been a bird nest on my rain gutter for the past four summers. Each summer a new type of bird has inhabited it and built upon it. Each layer is distinct and looks unique (I assume due to the different construction techniques of the different species).

The nest is now quite tall and approaching the roof, so there’s not room for another layer of nest. After the current inhabitants leave, would this nest be of interest to, say, a wildlife center or other place for elementary education? Or are these quite common and uninteresting?

Got any pictures of it? I am interested in seeing it. I would think maybe a museum of some kind might be interested in it, or maybe an avid bird watcher?

Sure it’s interesting, especially if you know what kind of bird built each nest. The same individuals may often re-build on top of a previous nest (depending on species), but to have four different species favor the same locality in four successive years is rather odd. (I mean, it’s not earth-shattering, but certainly interesting enough for it to go to a nature center or possibly even a local museum.)

Ok, I got hold of a digital camera. Can’t take the pic tonight (dark). Will take tomorrow and post somewhere and link.

I don’t know the types of birds or their order. One time was a robin, now a morning dove. If I’d have known what was to be, I would have paid more attention (and taken pictures over the years!).

Here are two not-so-good pictures, complete with bird.

Picture 1

Picture 2

There are three easily discernable layers. The top layer with the long strands. The layer below that is tightly woven and finished with mud. The bottom layer is actually two layers, more easily identifiable in person.

I just saw that you had posted pictures. That is neat. Why not ask and see if anyone would want it? Surely people who study birds might want to see it at the location to further their studies?

It’s Location! Location! Location! :wink: