Is a full-scale, successful invasion of the US possible?

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I’m not a military person, and I’m only just now beginning to understand the ins & outs of what’s going on with Iraq.

My question is this–could a full-scale, successful invasion of the United States occur, in this day and age? If you think the answer is yes, how would whoever is doing the invading make it happen?

FWIW, I’m not asking out of paranoia. I’m curious about tactics. 9/11 involved using our own domestic passenger planes as weapons, and they were hijacked within our borders. But something tells me that an attack done that way isn’t going to be happening again anytime in the forseeable future. Even that one wasn’t a complete success (the Pentagon wasn’t completely destroyed, and one plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania).

Myself, I don’t think it could. As I said, I’m not a military person, but I think that we’ve got enough assets to prevent it. Not just the military, either. The average citizen of the US doesn’t want it to happen, and I think us non-military folk would fight back as well as is possible.

What do you think?

Not by any country on earth right now. The US military is just too powerful at this time. I’m not even sure there is a military out there that could put a major dent in the US by invading outside the use of nuclear weapons.

I don’t see how, at least not a full scale attack. Take a look at how long it is taking us to build up near Iraq, then think of someone else trying to sneak tens of thousands of troops even near us; just wouldn’t work we’d be saying “what do you think you’re trying to do?”

Now small scale stuff, then yes you could have maybe a few hundred people but that wouldn’t do much except kill a lot of innocents, which is probably what they would want anyway.

I dunno, guys. Speaking seriously, we have two very long borders to defend and two large coasts.

If we were taken by surprise there could be a successful invasion, I would think. How long they would stay is something else entirely different. I think we’d have to look at the force structure here in the US to find out for sure how well equipped we are to handle an attack.

Sure. We call it “Operation Shatner.”

That’s another question I have. Is surprise even possible? I mean, we’re certainly not sneaking our troops into the Persian Gulf. If a foreign invader wanted to try something like that, it seems like they’d be seen by somebody, somehow, some way.

Come now, Airman. We may have two long coasts and two long borders, but what are the chances someone is going to get to them. US intelligence would notice someone amassing a large force in Canada or Mexico or a large invasion fleet sailing towards the coastline. American airpower can reach anywhere along the border or the coast in a reasonably short amount of time, AFAIK.

Not only that, but the OP is referring to a successful invasion as a country able to invade and conquer the US which is patently ridiculous no matter how long the border or coastline is since they could never penetrate very far without being annihilated.

Gotcha on the last part, Neurotik.

I’m just afraid that if there would be a landing we would be unwilling to destroy large parts of our country to repel the invaders. That would mitigate the widespread use of airpower.

This part I understand. The thought of an air war over my country is scary indeed. But would our government really be unwilling to do it, if it meant successfully repelling an invading military force?

I still don’t see anything like this happening. There is no way the US couldn’t see anything comeing, at least not in the thousands of troops. That is unless Canada really gets pissed and tries to attack. There are enough Special Ops units that could hold the fort down in the case of a few hundred people in the majority of major cities.

Any aircraft, except for maybe a hijacked plane, couldn’t do much since we’d see them coming as well and I"m sure we’d have enough time to scramble our own forces. I really can’t see where a large enough force could come from to suprise us or big enough to do a lot of damage.

An attack met with furious and overwhelming counterattack could not be deemed “successful.” There is not a military in the world that has the navy, air force and army to pull it off, without being decimated within short order.

The only near-realistic possible way of invading the USA is to destroy the majority of the civilian population with an insiduous biological weapon, and only then launch the inavasion fleet.

Are nukes allowed? If so, then a battle plan could be drawn.

However, even if all of Europe decided at one time to attack the US in a coordinated effort, (I’m assuming large amounts of ground forces) they would immediately be faced by not only the troops & National Guard that are stationed here, but also a few million cops, ex-military, and regular armed citizens.

Satellite intel would give us very early warning of troop build ups/fleet movements.

Our Navy is a truly extraordinary force, & unlikely to be beaten in a face-to-face fight.

The Air Force is truly potent.

Army & Marine Corps personnel are well equipped & well trained.

There are few ways this could be done–

[li]A massive initial nuclear strike.[/li][li]A contagious bioweapon turned loose. This is risky, because these things can turn around & bite their users.[/li][li] A massive Hi Opaling, conducted without mercy. ;)[/li][li]Invade Canada or Mexico first, during a period of serious international dispute with one or both of these nations. Then, use it as a staging ground for attack.[/li][li]Scare a nerveless or inept Commander-In-Chief into surrender. (This seems to have the best chance of success).[/li][li]An American public so alienated from their government that they would not willingly fight.[/li][li]A Civil War instigated from without. Puppet government put in power = Invasion, for all practical purposes.[/li][/list=1]

Oh yeah,

  1. The Mothership lands, & the Greys eat our brains & eyeballs.
  1. Spam the internet into submission.

A massive initial nuclear strike would decimate any invading capabilities of the aggressor. We would get our shots off before we where hit too bad.

the Canadians could do it. they would have the advantage of suprise since NOBODY would expect it, but they would ultimately get there asses kicked.

you said invasion, not SUCCESSFUL INVASION.

only the ALIENS could do that. ROFL!

now of course invading the minds of the American people with different ideas might be possible over the internet.

“Attack your enemy at his weakest point. His MIND” - Sun Tzu

Dal Timgar

I meant spam the US. Darn this disallowed edits functions…

No. Persephone most definitely said succesfully invade. It’s in the thread title, for Pete’s sake.