Is a Porsche a "Girly" Car? (Open "Two and a Half Men" Spoilers)

On the 5/9/05 episode of Two and a Half Men, Allen buys a Porsche. A red Boxster, to be exact.

Charlie ribs him continuously about buying a “girly” car. Later, when Allen’s date steals the car and leads the LAPD on a high-speed chase, newscasters covering the chase say that they assume the driver is a woman “because of the kind of car involved.”


I’ve wanted a Porsche for as long as I can remember, and I’m a confidently heterosexual, football-watching male. I’ve never even heard of a Porsche being considered a “girly” car?

So, have you ever heard of this stereotype? In your humble opinion, is a Porsche a “girly” ride?

A Porsche? No.

A Boxter? Yeah.


I’ve owned two Porsches: a 924, and a 911SC. I’m certainly not girly!

From casual observations made when I lived in L.A., most Porsche drivers were men.

I don’t think the Boxster is particularly ‘girly’. I probably wouldn’t mind having one. But I prefer the 911-series, myself.

Pronunciation note: The ‘e’ is pronounced. :wink:

I think any red convertible or roadster might be viewed as girly. Porsche has a closed version of the Boxster, called the Cayman coming.

News to me. I live close to a High-Porsche-density-per-population community (a few, in fact, living in Westchester), and I almost always see guys driving them.

The old Mazda Miata - girly.
BMW Z3 - kinda girly - or, put it this way: a bit too obvious for a guy to drive (look at me! I drive a shark!!)

We could go down the list of little sports cars (do I hear a thread being demanded?) but you get the idea.

Westchester, PA; or Westchester, L.A.?

I regret selling my 911SC coupé. (It was white, not red, BTW.) It was a very fun car! When I go to L.A. next week, I should take a drive down Lincoln to see what’s on offer. (Lincoln Blvd. in Marina del Rey has a lot of used car dealers on it, and a few of them specialise in used sports cars.) Not that I have any musiness getting another car. I’m still mostly unemployed, I have the MGB and a Triumph Herald on the way, and I still have my Cherokee. But I can look, can’t I?


The Boxster is Porsche’s entry-level car, much as the 914 and 924 were entry-level in their day. I’ve never driven a 914, but the 924 was a good car. It was faster, more maneuverable, and more comfortable than my MGBs it replaced. It suffered though, from its bastard-child status. It was designed as a VW sports car (I think to replace the Karmann Ghia), but VW didn’t want it. It was almost an Audi (it had an Audi 100 engine). In the end, ISTR that VW-Porsche-Audi decided it would sell better as a Porsche. If it had been sold as a VW or Audi, I think people would have raved about it; but as a Porsche it suffered by comparison with the 911.

The Boxster is a much better car than the 924/944.

Better yes. But still girly. :slight_smile:

The Boxter “S” is crossing over to the “Y” chromosome territory again.

Now a Shelby Cobra… That’s got testosterone in the hydrolic lines.

Yeah,Yeah,Sure it is. Only a girl would drive one of those wussy cars!

Oh,Throw me that skirt over there, would you. Yeah, that’s right, the red one…

Thanx. :smiley:

Apparently superior handling is a female trait… who knew?
A real man must buy a car that can only go fast in a straight line, because a real man only cares about his 0-60 and 1/4 mile times. :rolleyes:

Yeah, I drive a Mazda Miata. :smiley:

Mazda Miata? Yeah,Yeah, Hand me that bra over there, will ya?

Yeah, thats right,the red one. :eek:

Westchester County, NY - where the investment bankers live if they aren’t in Greenwich CT or rich parts of NJ…

I must see dozens of Boxsters on a regular basis…

Yes, they are girlie. So send me yours. I do this in order to save your manliness.

(be sure to include the keys and the pink slip too)


Oh! You’d look right manly in that, laddie!

Can you wear a pink slip with a kilt? I’m so confused.

I don’t think Boxter (or Miata or Z3) say “girl.” I think they say, “I have more money to throw at a car than you will EVER have, Inigo! Did ja make rent this month? MMMmmmwahahahaha!”

Boxsters aren’t that expensive. When I see them, I think ‘Ha! Couldn’t spring for the more expensive model!’

No you can’t but it would match my lovely skirt and red bra beautifully! Why, when you have a good thing going, can’t people just mind their own business? :smiley:

Rub it in, moneybags! My 83 Corolla BROKE me! :mad:


That’s funny, I’ve always thought they say “I’ll still be making payments on this car long after its turned into an undrivable bucket of rust.”

I wouldn’t say a Porsche is girly in the sense implied in the OP. But it definitely is (or at least is intended to be) in the sense of what it attracts, impresses and seduces. Why, otherwise, would all those men be buying them?

A girly car? No way.

That said, if Hell froze over and I was somehow able to afford a sports car, I’d buy a Corvette.