Is abligurition a word?

It’s not in my American Collegiate which has never before failed, and it’s not in the Merriam-Webster. But if you google it, it’s all over the web.

So, is it a word? If it is, why isn’t it in the dictionary? They certainly have weirder ones. Or is it some kind of “frindle”?

It is in my vintage 1928 unabridged Twentieth Century Dictionary.

Using Google’s “define:” function gives only one reference, which states that it’s an obsolete term for extravagant cooking.

Apparently it’s a fad word at the moment – I’d never run into it.'s&word=abligurition&quicksearch=on&sourceid=Mozilla-search

The OED defines it as “Extravagant spending on food and drink,” and dates the word to 1742.