Is American Idol the most dragged out show on TV today?

I don’t watch this thing at all, but it is on all the time on Fox which is home to all my favorite shows. I have sat thru a few episodes of AI this season while doing dishes or waiting for other shows to come on. BLECH!

I heard Simon make a comment to one of the kids that she didn’t sound any better than a million other kids who sing these songs at various theme parks around the world. I have to agree with him. All these songs these kids sing sound like the type of crap you are subjected to when you go to 6 flags or something. I am not sure how this appeals to the youth of today when they are all singing 80’s and early 90’s power ballads.

Why on earth does this show drag on and on though? They have it on 2 times a week and then they don’t even eliminate people on a regular basis. It looks like most of the same kids are still there that were there at the begining and this thing has been on for like 2 months hasn’t it?

What kind of ratings is this show getting now? Aren’t people tired of it?

Well, soap operas move pretty slow too.

When I saw the OP I assumed it must be talking specifically about the Results Show, which has the highest fluff-to-content ratio in the history of television. It’s like a box full of styrofoam peanuts with a marble at the bottom. They could announce the results in a 60-second spot between other shows on Fox.

You’re going to see the same kids for the next 9 weeks–that’s the format of the show. Kick 'em off one at a time until there’s one left.


I watch soap operas, and they are zippy, fast-moving adventures compared to American…zzzzzzz…oh, sorry, I’m awake…Idol.

Nashville Star, American Idol’s country cousin, manages to take 1/60th the time to announce their results – they simply take a minute at the beginning of each week’s show to say who has been kicked off.

But I’m a sucker, because I still enjoy watching American Idol – at least the performance shows.

No, Survivor is.

Dragonball Z has those shows beat, hands down.

As someone with a 9-year-old brother, I agree with raisinbread’s pick. By my calculations, it once took them a week’s worth of episodes to handle 5 minutes of real time.

Errrrrrr, wrong. Good guess, but wrong.

I was watching TV the other day and, much to my amazement and horror, I flipped to the wrong station and realized that Who Wants to be a Millionaire is still on the air :eek:.

It’s a different host, and she pathetically tries to be dramatic and drag things out when it’s obvious that no one cares. The studio, while probably exactly the same, somehow looks cheaper by orders of magnitude, and neither the audience nor the contestants seem to care any more than the three people sitting at home watching. It was truly a pathetic sight to see.

Okay, Cisco - ya got me there; not only is that heathen bitch of a show still on the air, but if I recall correctly, it is actually hosted by a The View hag - so, that certainly superscedes (sp?) that tired old donkey of a show, Survivor.
Shoot me, please.