Is Andre Gide a Good Read?

I was always interested in the famous French novelist. I would like to start reading his works 9in translation). What is his best novel?
Most of his stuff was written in the 1930’s-would I find them too dated?

‘‘If you read Andre Gide aloud for ten minutes, your breath will stink.’’–Francis Picabia

I know nothing about Gide; I’ve just always liked that quote.

I honestly tried reading Gide, but I could never read more than a page before my head started spinning, and I had to put it down.

I remember enjoying Lafcadio’s Adventures (French title: Les Caves du Vatican), though it’s been a few years so I don’t remember much about it.

I also read Strait is the Gate (La Porte Etroite), which was your usual dull, dreary, European Romantic tragedy. Do not recommend.

I read L’Immoralist and Caves du Vatican for a French lit class. The latter was slightly more interesting as a novel. Not a fan, though.

I read La Symphonie Pastorale, and liked it - it was for a uni course though, and might well have benefited from comparison with Stendhal and Balzac, so take the recommendation with a very generous pinch of salt…

(I should say, by liked, I mean appreciated rather than enjoyed, as such - it’s quite a depressing story…)

I tried to read The Counterfeiters and failed epically.

I read Strait Is The Gate a long time ago. It has its merits, in literary terms, but it’s not something I would read for fun or pleasure.

I am an avid reader and would be far happier reading Gide than having my bowels torn out by rabid wolverines.

On reflection **slightly **happier.

Ya, I was going to say, that simile doesn’t really work if you say “far happier”. That could mean you really enjoy Gide.

I read Les Caves du Vatican a few years ago and really liked it. I keep meaning to read something else by Gide, but never do. My grandmother really liked him, if that counts for anything.

I read L’immoraliste and Corydon.