Is any one playing Runes of Magic?

It’s one of three online games that I play, the other two is DDO and Wizards 101. I like Runes of Magic a little better than DDO, a little better at all around character developement. What do others who play think of it, just curious.

I tried it and quickly gave up. It kept crashing and I couldn’t get into it anyway because it has no left-handed support.

I played it for a while, but the response from the GMs two times I had problems drove me out.

Hint: calling your customers imbeciles is not a particularly good policy.

I beta tested and played it up until about 3 months ago, when I got involved in a null sec corp in EVE Online that started sucking up way more of my time, and I wasn’t in a guild in Runes, and I like the social aspect of my corp, so I tend to hang out in game even when I am not playing.

It is a decent game, and I would still probably be playing if I had the social network there that I have in EVE online.