Is ANYDESK software dangerous?

Because of the corona virus I may have to work from home, which I have never done before.
I’ve been told to use Anydesk software to connect to my computer at work.

But this seems dangerous and a violation of my privacy.
I work for a small business with 4 employees, 4 desks, and 4 computers (PC’s with Windows 7 and 10) in one physical office.
If we all put Anydesk software and leave the computers at work turned on all the time, we should be able to keep the business functioning, though with difficulty, even if we are all at home.

But what about privacy?

I understand that all 4 employees would have access to not just the business computers, but also each other’s home computers. Will I be able to see what the other person is seeing on my computer? Would I know when they are looking at in my home computer(a PC with Windows 7)?

My home computer has, say, a Word document with my resume.I don’t want my boss and coworkers to see that I’m looking for a new job. My email program at home opens without asking for the password, because years ago I clicked on something that remembers it…I have no idea how to remove that, and return to asking for the password. So would the others be able to read all my emails?
Oh–and what if I’m reading the SDope during working hours…would they see me doing that? :slight_smile:

That’s not how remote desktops work. You’ll only be able to connect to PCs that you’ve given permission to.

What gave you that idea?

okay…but that still leaves the possibility that another person who is at the office will see my computer at home. doesn’t it?
If I give permission to my computer at home to see my computer at work, I assume that it works in both directions.So someone who sits at my computer* in the office would have full access to me at home, right?

(In practice, that never happens, because we all sit nearby, but separately-- and don’t use each others computers. But if we have to change lifestyles, and one or more of us is quarantined at home for a long time, then maybe someone else will use my computer at work. )

A remote desktop is one way, with a client and a viewer. You install the client on the PC you want to control and view it from another computer. You can’t view or control another PC without having a client on it and giving it password permission.

I read the OP a couple of times and I think there may be a misunderstanding.

They seem to say that the four work laptops will be left in the office, while the employees use their own computers to work from home. Surely it would be better for them to take their work computers home and keep their own computers separate.

My daughter is now working from home. Her employer provided a laptop plus second screen for her use and that is connected to the company intranet. They have also agreed to pay for an upgrade to her broadband.

no–the four work computers will be left in the office. They are desktop PC’s , not laptops.
At home, I also have a desktop PC, as do the other employees.

We’re old folks—been working together in the same office for 30 years.
Laptops are for kids. :slight_smile:

You assume wrong. It depends on how it is configured, but usually it’s a one-way path. Your home computer is controlling your computer at the office, not vice-versa.

Someone sitting in front of your work computer can see what you are doing, but this is just like someone shoulder-surfing if you were physically at the work computer. Disconnect the screen at work if you think this is likely.

There is no way for anyone to access your computer without your permission using software like Anydesk. It is a one-way connection – you connect to the remote computer, and only if the remote computer is set up to accept connections people who are both authorized and who can log in.

The software is specifically designed to address your concerns. No one would buy it if it were possible.

Don’t be concerned in the slightest.

You should be more concerned that you are still running Windows 7 on your computers.