Is anyone else having trouble with Gmail and the security certificate?

I’m not very web savvy so I don’t know what it means exactly, but for the last couple of hours, I’ve been getting this when I try to log in:

I’ve never received this from accessing my Gmail before. What does it mean? (I read the FAQ but still didn’t quite grasp the severity–or insignificance–of this prompt)

Anyone running into the same thing, or have any comments or insight about what it might mean?

What browser are you using?

IE (our default at work)

Ie 8? 7? 6?

Not sure–how do I tell? (Doesn’t show anything upon start-up and right clicking didn’t yield anything)

Do you see a menu item titled “Help”? Should be under “Help - About Internet Explorer”.

Are you going to or http://mail.

I can’t stand Google. They had the nerve to ask me where I lived. It was a yes or no I won’t answer. I answered no. As if they don’t already know. It is probably my IT ex screwing with me.

i have been having trouble with They ask me to lower my security level to enter their website. So after I log off I have to lower my cookies.

Have you tried going to internet options and privacy and raising to medium?

All I can say is I was having trouble with it in Chrome yesterday or the day before, but it seems ok today.

Check your computers clock/date. I get that occasionally when the clock on my computer resets itself for no apparent reason(i think the battery is going bad).