Is Anyone Here in Kiev?

What’s happening in your part of the city? Can you give us a first-hand report?

Moved from Cafe Society to Kiev. I mean, MPSIMS.

Maybe they’re too chicken?

Maybe they’re not able.

I saw what you did there.


I have friends who live just outside Kiev, when I last heard from them they were packing the 2 kids, the dog and whatever they could grab and heading for the house of friends near Polnapi [or however it is spelled, that is what it sounded like.] WHile they probably hope it will end with their house being untouched by looters, this isn’t the first time they have bailed out of an area - they have done the whole life in a war zone thing as a young childless couple and it is not something they want to do again with kids. I have not heard from them again, and hope they will call me when they can.