Is anyone reading McCullough's 1776?

How is it? I loved John Adams (thanks, again, stretch) and was thinking of ordering 1776.

I’m bumping this because I saw it at the bookstore and I was curious. Maybe I should pick up John Adams first, though.

I just picked it up this evening. I considered picking up one of his other less expensive paperback books to read first, but I stood in the store reading the first few pages of this one and decided to go ahead and get it. I may get in a chapter tonight before i go to sleep. I’ll be interested to read others’ impressions.


I’ve got it (birthday present) but I’ve not started it yet. It did get good comments and reviews. It is supposed to give full credit to John Knox’s contribution to the success of the Revolution, or more properly the survival of the Insurgent Army in the early years of the war.

Speaker for the Dead, John Adams was great. You should enjoy it.

I read an excerpt from 1776 when it was in Newsweek last month. It was great. I’m curious if the book goes into graphic detail about the deplorable conditions the troops were in. I think I’d find that too depressing to read, frankly.

I probably would. The only reason I’d be hesitant is because I’m not American. I haven’t even heard of John Adams (I’ve stuck to European history, mostly).