Is anywhere in the world still doing the 7pm pots & pans banging?

The “tribute to healthcare workers” thing. If so, where? If not, when did it stop in your area?

My area never did this, but we are suburban. I think it was an urban thing.

My daughter tells me it’s still going on in Vancouver, BC but with a lot less participation, with the profound drop in the number of cases there.

I never even heard of such a thing. Sheesh, making a racket and waking up shift workers (which describes many health care workers - how do you think the E.R. is fully staffed around the clock?) seems like what the kids these days refer to as “a dick move.”

As a health care worker, I’d have appreciated something like that. And making 1-2 minutes of noise at 7 PM doesn’t seem too intrusive to me. the neighborhood is by a hospital, for Og’s sake, with ambulances wailing all night long

It continues here in Waikiki, every single night, but, from what I can tell, is not being done in very many areas of Honolulu and possibly not may other places in the state. As I’ve suspected from the get-go however, the ones here seem to be just a bunch of putzes who have no idea what it’s supposed to be about but rather just use the excuse to make some noise. That definitely describes my immediate neighbors. I decline to join in despite the fact that I am working in a major hospital right now.

We in the UK stopped about 3 weeks ago, that was a sort of collective consensus (I think it was even announced somewhere that a certain date would be the last). We all had a collective sigh of relief - it started out well intentioned, but became a little tedious.

For us it was doorstep clapping at 8pm on Thursdays.

No “pots and pans”. In NY/NJ it was mostly hooting and hollering and beeping horns and sirens at 7pm. I actually haven’t noticed it lately and can’t recall when it stopped. Probably sometime after our curve flattened and the rest of the country went to shit.