Is Banquet salisbury steak made with crack?

Because I can’t stop eating it!

Probably the MSG

Check out the salt content on those babies!! 1050 mg! (45% of daily value). When its been hot out, and you eat something salty like that, it tastes like the food of the gods.

Plus the MSG ups the ante a notch, but I bet it’s plain old dehydration+salt doing 90% of the work of making something taste inexplicably divine.

I was gonna say I think it’s the salt.

You know what is really good to do. Take the Banquet salisbury steak six pack then cook it or heat it or whatever.

Then take a blender to the steaks. Mush them up really good. Then put a little bit of the gravy in (not too much) and then add a bit of salsa and it’s a great dip for doritos or fritos

I loved those when I was a kid. But I don’t think I’ve had one for 20 years so I doubt I’d find them so crack-alackin these days.

Dude! You are full of surprises. I always think of you as fit and health conscious, so that you would even look at those things sideways, much less make up another way to eat them, floored me for a second there!

If it is, I guess I’m safe from developing an addiction to crack.

I am, I eat whatever I want, I just stop at 1,800 calories a day. And trust me there are days I’m done eating at 11am :slight_smile:

And if you look at that, Each salisbury steak has like 200 calories. So that’s 1,200 calories total. Salsa is pretty low in calories too. Chips, well that’s a bit of an issue, so if I eat this I eat half of it, or just make it my whole meal for the day

The salt is the real problem not the calories, but you know what…Well I thinkJeffy from the Family Circus says it best.

Ah, yes. The ol’ “ghetto chili.” A true classic.