Is Bess Myerson a recluse?

Bess Myerson was the first (and I think only) Jewish Miss America in 1945, and went on to have a career on TV and New York City politics. Back in the 80s she was involved in what turned out to be a minor political scandal and petty crimes. And I know she’s had some health problems as well.

Bess Myerson is in her mid-80s now, and the most recent photo I can find looks like she was maybe in her early 50s. I know she’s living in Florida now and active in charity work, but why is she never photographed? I don’t believe the public interest in her has dropped to absolute zero, so is she a recluse who is constantly disguised, like Garbo?

Well, she’s 86, so I doubt the papparozzi is hounding her. She’s survived both ovarian cancer and a stroke. But if she’s still active doing charity work, I don’t think the term “recluse” is appropriate. More likely, she’s simply not sticking her face in front of every camera she sees.

Nope, she’s dead.