Is Beta Gamma Sigma worth it?

I’m getting close to completing my MBA (University of Cincinnati, for anyone who cares). I should be graduating in September. The other day I received a glossy folder full of glossy pamphlets inviting me to join Beta Gamma Sigma. I had never heard of BGS before, but I wasn’t a business major as an undergrad. Based on their materials and website, it looks like there might be some real benefits to joining. However, I don’t want to be duped by a “pay us $110 and we’ll honor you” type of thing. (Although the lapel pin is very nice.)

So, what can you tell me about BGS? Has it helped you make contacts, find jobs, and so on? Do you regard it as a plus on a resume if you’re hiring? Do they pester the shit out of you with junk mail and phone calls asking for money or volunteers?

If it helps, my field is IT, and my career goals, at least for now, include moving into an IT management role. I wouldn’t rule out other fields, but I’m not really looking to be a finance guy, run my own business, or anything like that. I’d be interested in joining BGS if it could help me move my career in the direction I want, but I’d be less interested is it’s basically just montly meetings where stockbrokers and marketing execs pontificate about the size of their margins. So, any experiences you could share would help me decide.

I got asked to be in Beta Gamma Sigma in my undergrad. I honestly don’t remember paying any money to get in, but it’s been…13 years, so who knows?

It has done absolutely nothing for me. I did carry a BGS credit card for awhile, but that’s it. I put it on my resume right out of college, but now it’s long gone.

So not that it was BAD, it just didn’t make a damn bit of difference to me.

If it helps, I have spent the better part of 25 years in the IT industry and have been a hiring manager for a good chunk of those years. I would skip right over an entry on a resume for Beta Gamma Sigma. It would be completely neutral for me in selecting a candidate, right up there with “Who’s Who in American College Students”.

Interesting. I was kind of afraid that it might be on the level of “Who’s Who.” I’m looking forward to hearing from some other posters, but so far, I’m not encouraged to sign up.

I joined in grad school. BGS was like the goggles. Did nozzing.