Is Bill Clinton a Psychopath?

Bill Clinton is a charming person with poor impulse control and capable of being very manipulative. He is also very vindictive and has been accused of rape or close to it. He also was accured of stealing things from Air Force I and from the White House. He has exhibited little or no remorse for any of this.

Do you the the label, “psychopath” applies to him.


Someone could accuse you of being a vindictive, kleptomaniac rapist too, but that doesn’t make it true. You can’t label someone “psychopathic” because of unproven claims. Besides, I don’t see how these claims show that he’s mentally unstable in any way.

I understand he also eats babies.

…Shit! I can’t believe I’m participating in a thread started by a vindictive kleptomaniac rapist! Hey, manny or Chronos, delete this post, okay?

A schmuck? Perhaps. Psychopath? Hardly. Rapist? Gimme a friggin break.