Is broken, or is it just me?

I use to host a few of my videos, but lately, I can’t see any of the video content there - I just see a black square where the player should be - both for embeds and videos on the site - for any video, mine or anyone else’s.

I’ve tried uninstalling and resinstalling all my Flash components, to no avail. It doesn’t work in IE or Firefox. Is it just me, or is the site experiencing problems of some kind? (or have they perhaps decided not to serve video to the UK, or something?)

It’s working fine for me.

Thanks. This is weird - I just booted the same machine into Ubuntu and it works fine. I’m going to try rolling back the flash player in Windows next.

Ah! Got it. A while ago, I went to the global settings manager in Flash and made a whole bunch of privacy-paranoid changes - which affected only Blip, so it seems.

My problem with is that they don’t seem to handle large videos well. It just loads them all into memory. Often, even with a 2GB cache, I’ll wind up running out of virtual memory. I know I’m on a machine with only 512MB of memory, but there’s no excuse for not noticing that memory is running out. And, yes, I’ve tried disabling hardware acceleration.

BTW, YouTube handles it fine, no matter how long the video gets, so I know it’s possible.

I only started using Blip because the producer rewards programme on Metacafe folded - Blip does revenue sharing for any volume of views (I get a similar deal from YouTube now, but it only kicks in once a video becomes popular)