Is Boombatz a Bad Word (re: Rodney Dangerfield's doctor)?

I was listening to an old Rodney Dangerfield routine where he mentioned his doctor: Dr. Vinny Boombatz(sp?).

This brought peals of laughter from the audience.


To me, Boombatz sounds like the vaguely Italian/vaguely Polish name of a generic New Jersey street thug. For that I wouldn’t have expected the audience to laugh so hard.

Am I missing something here? Is Boombatz some kind of dirty word?

Boombat is a joke word among Navy folks; it’s something you send a rookie out to get. I’ve also heard the Magliozzi brothers use the name Vinnie Goombatz for a tough-guy character on their show, Car Talk.

It’s also a running joke for Dangerfield, so the audience was anticipating the punch line.

He has dozens of punch lines for this setup.

Only dozens? Thats it. They are reacting like a Skynyrd audience would to the opening bars of Freebird. I believe the name was choosen just for its sound, not do to any meaning.

Skynard fans react to the opening of Freebird with rollicking laughter? :smiley: