is breathing pure oxygen good for you?

I was wondering if you breathe pure oxygen a little bit everyday, if it is good for you? I would think that it would give your brain some food.

If so, where can I get pure oxygen for breathing?


Seems I’ve heard that it isn’t so good for you in large amounts.
But for people with reduced lung capacity, doses of it are used.
I know when I was welding, lots of times we would come in from the night before, um, pretty well used and hurting, and we would take shots from the O2 tanks for the torches- just stick a torch up to ones face and crack the valve.
Since, I have found other drinkers who have learned to do this.
I don’t drink anymore, but I do remember it helped.

Your body carefully regulates its oxygen intake. If you’re not getting enough, your respiration will increase to compensate, and if you get too much (As in breathing pure oxygen) your respiratory system will fight it.

Remember that oxygen is an oxidizer. It has a specific use in your cells but it is not “brain food”.

Here’s a link:

Ahh, the fun of medical 02 tanks,

not much.

You get a slight headache if you really crank them with a non-rebreather mask, but otherwise it doesn’t feel like much. Unless you just landed from 25 ft. on your head and are suffering from some sort of closed head injury, your brain already has enough oxygen. (If you do have a closed head injury, go ahead and give someone a call :slight_smile: ) More is not going to help, if your body even allows more into your brain. Same thing with Ginko, etc.

I don’t know, threemae. Like inor I have a lot of diver friends who swear by O2 as a hangover chaser. But then again hangover helpers seem to be largely psychological across the board.

This diving site deals with oxygen toxicity.

The important thing to remember about oxygen is that it’s very reactive. Evolution has expended considerable energy developing biochemical mechanisms to combat the harmful effects of oxygen. Underscoring the toxic potential of oxygen, there are bacteria called obligate anaerobes (I believe the bugs that cause botulism and tetanus are both obligate anaerobes) that perish in the presence of ambient O[sub]2[/sub] levels.

It might interest you to know that astronauts breath pute oxygen while in their spacesuits, at about 1/3 the pressure on earth. The problem is, that they have to spend several hours preparing their bodies before they can do this.

That’s all I have to contribute…

Well there a few oxygen bars around here locally…whether or not it is GOOD for you seems to be ignored because it is the cool thing to do. Though how sticking TUBES up your nose is cool, I don’t know. :slight_smile: I mean for crying out loud, go buy a plant or something!

Pure oxygen is used for therapeutic purposes every day. The problem is that it can’t be continued indefinitely.

Every patient that I attend in the emergency situation gets a non-rebreather mask that delivers better than 90% of oxygen concentration. This ensures that a high oxygen gradient is established, thus maximising haemoglobin saturation and the small residual amount that is transported disolved in plasma. For incidents such as smoke inhalation, the high oxygen gradient promotes the elimination of carbon monoxide from the blood (haemoglobin has a far higher affinity for carbon monoxide than it does for oxygen).

Pue oxygen therapy is also used in the accelerated healing techniques involving hyperbaric chambers. the theory is that by boosting ambient pressure to 3 or 4 atmospheres, the patient will breathe in 3 or 4 times as many oxygen molecules (remember Boyle’s Law).