Is Bush really stupid?

I mean really… almost everyday I hear wisecracks about the new pres, and his lack of smarts. From SNL to respected print media, its all pretty much the same…So is this turkey really undercooked? Should I be worried?

Is Bush really stupid?
In comparison to which species of tree sloth?

and the time until Manhattan sends this to GD is…

Bush scored a 1206 on the SAT (566 Verbal & 640 Math). This equates to 95th percentile in the verbal portion and 98th percentile in the math portion.

Your answer is, no.

I think you asked the wrong question PeterN. A better question might be is George Bush ignorant? According to another thread (which may be bunk) he has only been out of the country to visit Mexico. Can you imagine someone who is responsible for running arguably the most influential country (okay, he doesn’t really run it) in the world having never visited Europe or Asia at least once? The mind boggles.

You can read all the books there are but until you have actually visit other parts of the planet you’re at least ignorant of how other people really live… IMHO

Hell, he’s not stupid. As UncleBeer pointed out, he is solidly, er, above average I guess.

Of course, there’s a difference between stupidity and know-nothing ignorance…

Um…are we absolutely sure Georgie took this test himself? People have been known to cheat, you know. Like, say, fiddling elections?

Balancing UncleBeer’s point is the indisputable fact that he left a job where he ran a baseball team and made millions for a gig where he makes a lousy 400 K and has to take crap from everyone. :wink:

So for General Questions purposes, I’m calling it a draw. Rather than move this to Great Debates with the other million GWB threads, I’ll close this one and direct interested readers to that forum.