is buying tickets to resell them wrong?

If you know a concert or sporting event is gonna sell out and you snag a bunch of cheap tickets to sell later at a marked up price.

Nope. There’s business who exist to do just that. There’s nothing wrong with you wanting to try and make a little extra scratch by picking up 3 or 4 of them and marking them up a few dollars and putting them on Ebay.

Thing is, make sure you check your local laws. They’re very strict and tell you exactly what you can mark them up for. In some states (or interstate) it’s something silly like $3.00 over face value if you’re not a reseller.

Looks like, as a scalper (which is what you’d be), you’d get to add $3.00.

Now, in Wisconsin, as soon as a concert goes on sale, the resellers go out on buy all the good seats and sell them for a HUGE markup. So a ticket with a face value of $100, might go for $300-$400.

Artists regularly scalp their own tickets to their own concerts just to increase their own profit margins.

Nothing wrong with that at all. Might be illegal, but I don’t believe it is wrong. It’s just the free market working out a fair price for a limited resource.

If you *can *resell them for a significant amount more than the original price, that just means they were under-priced in the first place.

In DC it’s illegal to sell a ticket outside the stadium for less than you paid for it. I’ve benefitted from that. My older son and I went to hang out around the stadium during a playoff game. We got there after the game has started, and a guy offered to sell us tickets for half face value. I was skeptical that they were legit, so he agreed to let my son go through before I paid. After he went through cops converged on us and asked how much I paid. I truthfully replied that no money exchanged hands. The guys gave me the thumbs up and walked away. The game ended on a walkoff home run by Jayson Werth. If I had seen the guy after the game I would have gladly paid him what we agreed on.

There are a few concerts here every year with $5 tickets and they sell out right away. I usually buy the limit of 8 and sell the extras (most people offer at least $50/pair). Since I usually go myself, I don’t really end up with anything leftover after the gas, parking, pizza, drinks. So I basically use it as a way to go to a concert for free.

Sometimes you have no choice. You bought tickets to an event but then cant go and need to sell them.

I personally think scalping is morally reprehensible.

I agree. Taking advantage of the market in order to turn a profit on a product you didn’t create and aren’t responsible for is exploitation.

Speaking as an American Indian … nah, I can’t do it.

Isnt that what that the stock market does?

Yes, and I don’t care for the stock market either.

How do you think people make money? What do you do for a living? Do you realize that every time you go shopping you’re creating a bigger ‘market’ for whatever your buying.

I feel like I must be misunderstanding something.