Is CBS pushing the pop culture 420 envelope with "Bad Teacher"

I’m a little embarrassed to even admit I watched any of this, but I saw a critic say it was a cut above the usual CBS laugh track sitcom, and I actually love BBT so I figured why not. It seems terribad, and I was about to click it off but I wanted to see how she bluffed her way into the job first (spoiler alert: by “copying off an Asian”, ugh). So the principal gives her an apple, and all of a sudden she’s making a pipe out of it and smoking weed! Well, blow me down.

So I’m wondering if this is a milestone in broadcast network sitcom history (especially surprising from CBS of all networks). FOX’s That 70s Show had scenes in which the characters were clearly smoking weed, but it was only clear if you were, as Jimi Hendrix would say, “experienced”: the marijuana itself was never shown, nor was the paraphenalia. NBC’s Parenthood, albeit not a sitcom, has portrayed pot smoking a couple times, though the more recent one involved a middle-aged mom who had cancer and I’m not sure if they showed the actual buds (the first time was outside at night and just a passed-around joint).

In this case it was actually a primer on how to make a pipe from an apple and a straw, and the buds were shown clearly. I can’t remember ever seeing that before, but I obviously have not seen every show ever televised.

The Simpsons showed Homer smoking up in a 2002 episode, despite some network meddling:

Roseanne had a weed smoking scene. Dan found an old bag stashed in the attic, blamed David for it (who took the heat because he thought it was Darlene’s), and once that was sorted out, Dan, Roseanne, and Jackie smoked up—but it ended with a “drugs are bad” thing, with Roseanne feeling unable to do some parenting thing…

My example is not CBS, or even American, so perhaps it fails this test. The Young Ones, BBC, mid 1980s featured Neil the hippie smoking a bong at a party, and being elevated through the house to the moon.

Ha, I remember that show from MTV–its first non-music offering if I’m not mistaken.

I think I remember that Simpsons episode. Was that when he told those guys to stop playing the Grateful Dead (or something along those lines) because he had some “real hippie music”, that turned out to be “Uptown Girl”? LOL

Interesting about Roseanne! So they showed the stuff? Anyone curious should check out the video at, from 3:34 to 3:47, right before bringing up the title of the show. It’s not some vague brown stuff at a distance, but a closeup on the Zip-loc and then her putting it in the apple, where you can see the texture of the bud and the stem sticking out.

That was a 1998 episode called D’oh-in’ in the Wind, which showed characters tripping out on “carrots and peyote.” (Not to be confused with the 1997 episode where Homer trips out on “Guatemalan insanity peppers”…notice a pattern?)

It had a band performing in each episode, IIRC. (Dexy’s Midnight Runners was in one.)

I don’t remember that scene from this episode. The episode where Homer smokes is called “Weekend at Burnsie’s.” It starts out with Homer getting pecked in the eye by some crows, and he is prescribed medicinal marijuana.
Here’s a line, from where Homer is reading the instructions on the prescription: “Toke as needed. Caution: objects may appear more edible as they actually are.”

That scene had my all time favorite line from the whole series. Jackie is lying in the bathtub, fully clothed, and asks in genuine fear: “Is this the sink? Am I shrinking?”

How I Met Your Mother had a running gag that narrator-Ted would Bowdlerize smoking pot to “eating a sandwich”. The characters would hold tiny hoagies like joints and be visibly stoned, or talk about how they were really looking forward to the weekend because they just got their hands on a big bag of sandwiches. Aside from narrator-Ted being unwilling to tell his kinds that the sandwiches were actually drugs, the show ranges from neutral to positive in its depiction of sandwich-eating.

smh society really is going to hell in a handbasket

Holy shit, I haven’t smoked from an apple pipe in over a decade…I actually had completely forgotten that method.

There was a CBS military drama called The Unit which showed a peripheral character smoking a joint (it clearly wasn’t a cigarette) consequence free. She offers some to Robert Patrick’s character and he turns it down, saying something like he doesn’t do that stuff any more.

Two And A Half Men has expressly shown enjoyable marijuana use.

As for going-to-hell-in-a-handbasket, we’ve got decades of folks drinking on TV, so I figure this is an improvement.

I’ve got two words to explain why that line was so funny: Laurie. Metcalf.

You don’t have to give that woman good dialog to work with. She spins straw into gold. She’s brilliant.

“Your Uncle Marshall was… eating a sandwich.”

“I smell a sandwich!”

“I’m sorry, Sir. I don’t know what sandwiches smell like.”

Walter used to explicitly smoke cannabis on screen via bong or joint on Fringe all the time, and that aired on Fox from 2008-2013. Fringe was science fiction not a sitcom, but Walter’s cannabis habit was portrayed as light hearted comic relief. I recall Nina splitting a joint with him one time, and they both noted that they had a prescription for medical marijuana. Walter dropped LSD a couple of times too, for both fun and science.

I haven’t seen truly negative portrayals of marijuana smoking for a long time. It’s a far cry from the classic Dragnet episode where a young mother smoked weed while her baby drowned in a bathtub.

So, a lot more examples than I had been aware of then. Still wondering, though: do any of them show the actual close-up texture of the buds and stem like this one? (Still hoping to discover *some *kind of TV history being made here, post-legalisation in WA and CO.)

I wanted to like this show, because I admit, I like Veronica Mars; and Dickie Casablancas from Veronica Mars is the gym teacher, and I will give a fair chance to any show he’s a part of. That being said this show was awful. The acting was bad; but what really got me was that the “bad teacher” should be hot? She’s NOT. Kat Foster and Kristen Davis are WAY hotter than she is.

UGH this show is so typical of the trash on TV nowadays. I put in in the same bucket as the horrid Friends With Better Lives. (Dear God, how many lame sex penis vagina jokes can you throw into a 30 minute show?). It’s like it’s trying to be edgy, but just comes out vulgar… and this is from someone who thinks 2 1/2 men still isn’t too bad to watch.

To answer the OP, I don’t remember seeing the buds in the apple; but I was probably rolling my eyes pretty much by then anyway.

Yeah, it’s kind of weird how some women (seems to be especially if they are blonde, regardless of how unnatural; and of course they have to have T&A) are presented as “hot” when they are really kinda not.

If you want to check out the buds in the apple, it’s still on